Parking Apps are Making City Life Even Easier

10.27.16 - Waze App

Not only is it a pain to park and find parking when you live in the city, it’s difficult to navigate around if you don’t know where to park. If you live in the city most likely you have a spot of your own, but when people come from out of town to visit, they also need a place they can park and have their vehicle kept safe. Parking apps are becoming more popular and offer a great deal of data for you to make use of and find the right parking space for you and your vehicle.

The Waze traffic app now shows you where the best parking spots are and gives you some real time data to help you determine if there are spots available when you travel to the city and need a place to park. Not only can you learn where you can and should park, but you can find out how much the parking is going to cost and how close it will be to your destination. Waze has been teaming up with Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen to provide this parking data that will be useful and help you locate the right pace for you to park your vehicle.

Waze is moving forward by integrating the INRIX data into its parking app. This data is what now provides the real time traffic information you need to ensure you can find a great place to park in the city. You can now have an idea of how long it will take you to find parking and where the best places to park are. The cost of the parking deck is also taken into consideration and given to you so that you can know how much this will cost you for your stay.

One of the biggest time wasters for anyone visiting a new city or performing business travel on a regular basis is looking for a parking spot and having to visit a variety of parking decks to find the one that’s right for them. By using a parking app these drivers can find parking, book the spot and even pay online before they ever come to the city, which makes it much easier. This type of parking wouldn’t need the real time data that Waze offers with the use of the INRIX system, but more parking is done a different way that would.

Most of us don’t think about our parking until we actually arrive in the city and then parking becomes a chore that could mean we end up being late for the meeting or the show. With the Waze traffic app this problem can be alleviated and parking can be easy to do anywhere in the city/ Don’t waste your time looking for a spot, let the Waze app guide you right to an open place on the street or in a parking garage where you can have an easy time fitting your vehicle.

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