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01.16.17 - Maven

The idea of driving for Uber or any other ride hailing service is attractive to many of us, but not everyone has a car. The ability to make money when you aren’t at your normal job is a great way to make use of your downtime, but when you live in a large city it’s often not a good idea to have your own vehicle because of the costs involved and the traffic that has to be dealt with. While this limits your ability to make money with your car, many people live their whole lives without ever driving a car.

If you want to offer the services of Uber, make some money and enjoy the benefits of having a car, GM now has the solution for you. If you live in the San Francisco area you can make use of the Maven car sharing service and have a car for a full ninety days at a time while offering the services of Uber. Imagine having your own vehicle to drive that allows you to make money at the same time in the big city area. This can be the perfect solution for you and a great way for you to use your free time.

This new program is a lease you can pay as a weekly fee of only $179 and it provides you with a Chevrolet Cruze, Malibu or Trax to be the car you drive and enjoy on the road. Unlike most lease programs this lease through Maven will allow you to drive as many miles as you want, including driving the vehicle for personal reasons. That means you can make all the trips you need to on your own time and drive for Uber as little or as much as you need to during the ninety days and have the ride you’re looking for.

The fee you pay each week includes insurance which makes it perfect for someone who doesn’t own a vehicle. This ninety day lease can give you the ability to make money driving for Uber and then make it easy for you to choose whether to renew the lease and have another vehicle from the Maven program or, after saving the money you need, you can buy your own vehicle and have the ride you want to enjoy that will allow you to make money and have a great time in your car.

If you live in the San Francisco area and need a new way to make some additional money you should check out this program from Maven and GM that makes it easy for you to drive with Uber and have the ride you’ve been looking for. With unlimited miles you’ll be able to enjoy the car you drive for your own needs as well as for making money in a way that’s perfect for you. This is a great program and makes it easy for you to enjoy a car rather than riding the public transportation that you’ve been riding all your life.

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