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01.18.17 - Honda Pilot

If you’re a staunch believer in the need for a sedan or coupe for your driving needs you are seriously missing out. While it’s hard to argue with the fuel efficiency you can get from a small sedan as your commuter vehicle, the power, fun and capability of the SUVs and trucks of the world can make your enjoyment on and off the road much better than what you’ve had in the past. Your vehicle doesn’t just have to provide you with transportation, it can provide you with fun and versatility as well, check out these great reasons to consider buying an SUV or truck as you ditch the sedan you’ve been driving.

Work Use –You can use a truck or SUV for work. If you have a new job that requires you to carry and haul stuff, you want a vehicle that’s made for the job. Trucks have been the workhorse of the world for many years, helping those who need to haul tons of materials from one place to another get the job done every single day.

Larger Family – With a sedan the most you can take with you is five. If you have more than three kids or need to be able to take as many as seven or eight people with you on a regular basis, a larger vehicle is the right answer. There are some trucks that fit as many as six and SUVs that can fit up to seven or eight across three rows of seats like Dodge Journey.

Multiple Child Seats – Whether you’ve recently found out you’re going to have twins or you have two small children in child seats, an SUV is the right answer to what you need. The added width and space will make it easier for you to get your kids in and out of the seats when you take a ride and take them along for your errand runs.

Climate Needs – If you’ve made your home in an area that receives a lot of snow each year you’re going to need a vehicle that can get through the white stuff with ease. Many SUVs offer AWD and many trucks can give you the benefit of 4WD. Add to this the fact that these vehicles sit up higher, giving you better overall ground clearance as well and you have the right answer for you.

Comfort – Larger vehicles are naturally more comfortable. The seating position is more natural and feels more like the furniture you have at home versus a sedan or coupe. There is also typically space for you to lean back when you are a passenger as well, making these vehicles the right ones for you to use for travel.

Large Dog – Your large dog will love to ride along with you in a larger vehicle. They might not be able to tell you, but they are getting tired of the small windows and cramped spaces of your sedan and would love to hang their head and tongue out the window of a large pickup truck where they can see out and feel like the king of the road.

Off Roading – You can travel on trails and even forge your own paths when you have an SUV or truck that’s equipped with AWD or 4WD. The added ground clearance makes it easier than ever for you to head out and have a great adventure in the natural wilderness of the area around us so. This is by far one of the most important reasons to buy a larger vehicle.

Trailering – You see a boat for sale, but you can’t buy it because you don’t have an SUV or pickup that can haul it for you. Don’t limit your fun because of the vehicle you drive. Step up to a larger vehicle and buy that boat or RV that you want to enjoy taking with your to the lake or out to the parks where you’ll have a lot of fun.

Enter/Exit – In a car you have to bend down and put yourself in the vehicle in a manner that’s a little unnatural. As we get older this bending can be tiresome and difficult; it’s much easier to step up into a vehicle rather than bend down to get in one. This makes an SUV or a pickup truck attractive as you get older and can’t move as well as before.

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