Sunday, July 12

No Specifics, but New Jeeps

01.25.17 - Jeep Grand Cherokee

We’ve discussed several new Jeep models that are on their way with the dates they will show up on our market. We know the Wrangler will be new for the 2018 model year; the Grand Cherokee will make its way to our market for 2019 and the tow new lineup toppers, the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer will both be in place as early as 2020. What we don’t know as far as complete details are the dates for the new Wrangler pickup truck and the new hybrid version of the Wrangler. Both of these continue to be a mystery to us.

We’ve seen the concept model of the Jeep Wrangler Pickup, but nothing further to give us a desired production release date or any details as to what it will be when it makes its way to market. Even more of a mystery, the hybrid Wrangler isn’t much more than an idea at the moment, but this does seem to be the most practical move for the Wrangler which has been one of the most popular off road vehicles that has ever been made for the US market.

What would a hybrid Wrangler mean for us? Right now when you head off road for a few days of camping you typically pack a couple extra gas cans in the trailer or the rear of the SUV so that you can have the added fuel needed in case of an emergency. Will the new hybrid Wrangler use a similar form of charging with the use of regenerative braking or will there be a solar connection that you can use to recharge the battery pack while you’re hiking and exploring the wilderness that surrounds the area you’ve parked your Jeep Wrangler. Will the battery pack help keep the balance of the wheelbase that we’ve always enjoyed on the trails and how will this happen?

As you can see, the idea of a hybrid Wrangler brings up some serious questions. The pickup version didn’t have as many questions because we can see this happening and it seems to be easy to do. In fact, one of the most asked questions regarding the Wrangler pickup was why this hadn’t happened already. Stretch the wheelbase a bit and add a short bed to the back and you have exactly what you want in a pickup version of the Wrangler, that’s a no brainer.

Unfortunately, the part that isn’t a no brainer is when the hybrid and pickup models will become a reality. Looking at the movement by Jeep overall you see the lineup is being improved and expanded a great deal to be everything we want it to be. The two high level names are returning, and new expansions on classic models are being considered for the purpose of creating the performance and capability that will capture a larger part of the SUV market for Jeep. It’s easy to see that Jeep is on the move and is trampling over anything in their path.

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