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Another New Look at the Upcoming Jeep Wrangler

Another New Look at the Upcoming Jeep Wrangler

The cult of fun is what it seems the drive of a Jeep Wrangler has garnered over the years. For those of us that love to head off the paved roads, onto the trails and into the wilderness where you can have a lot of fun the Jeep Wrangler has been the vehicle of choice in many instances. The interest in this new model has come in a variety of forms with the thought that the new JL model might have a different look from what this legendary vehicle has had in the past and offer us even more off-road style and capability.

The Latest News

Photographers have been parked outside the Jeep testing areas for months to get a look at this new model of the Wrangler and the most recent set of spy shots gives us the best look we’ve had so far (although we have gotten a good look at the powerful Jeep Grand Cherokee). This most recent look shows off the new Wrangler Unlimited with the front exposed and only the skintight swirls on the body of the vehicle. This means we get to see the details offered and take a much closer look at what this new vehicle is going to offer us.
What we see in this new version of the classic Jeep is the round-eye headlights we expect to enjoy which now cut slightly into the seven-slot grill, giving a narrow and more refined appearance than in the past. One of the most important attributes of this new SUV is the appearance of the windshield hinges which let us know the new version will have a windshield that can fold forward and allow you to have the air flow through the cabin in much the same way as models from previous generations so that we can continue the bugs in your face fun.
The door handles have been dropped that were part of the JK model and what we see hints at a system of keyless entry that could be offered in the new generation. There is now only a small nub on the driver’s door handle which gives us this thought but we won’t know for sure until this Jeep crosses the stage. The fuel filler has now added a door, which means it has dropped the open look that we’ve seen in the past. This new look seems to have a lot to do with the fact this SUV has been called upon for more families than in the past.

When Will We See It

It feels as if every new spy photo set has shown this vehicle with less and less camo in what appears to be the longest striptease ever offered. We should see the new production version of the JL Wrangler at the L. A. Auto Show in the fall when this impressive new SUV will finally “take it all off” and let us see what we want to drive out on the trails and in the wilderness. There are certainly still more features and qualities for us to see and enjoy with this SUV that we’ll be ready to enjoy and figure out how they will add to our fun on the trails.

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