Toyota C-HR – Stand Out on the Road

When you want to have a vehicle that offers you polarizing styling and the features that you’re looking for in a subcompact crossover SUV, you should consider the 2019 Toyota C-HR. As this little SUV moves to the second year on the market, it allows us to see how the Toyota expertise can continue to offer us the drive and qualities we want when it’s time to head out on the road for a drive. You need to take a look at this excellent and reliable small SUV when you’re ready to drive today.

Garner the Attention You Desire

If you’re the person who loves to have the attention on them and you want to enjoy others watching you as you drive by, the Toyota C-HR is the right choice for you. This isn’t a wallflower vehicle, instead, it offers the dynamic design and impressive driving capabilities that make it the right one for you to drive today. If it’s time for you to have a vehicle that offers you AWD, a perfectly tuned suspension, and the driving dynamics you want that will also grab the attention you desire, this is the right SUV for you.

Upgrading the Second Year of the Toyota C-HR

You might think that Toyota would sit back and leave the C-HR alone for its second year on the market, but that’s not what they’ve done. This SUV is upgraded with Apple CarPlay integration in the infotainment system which is brought to you on an eight-inch screen. You can choose a navigation system and have leather upholstery if you choose one of the higher trims. There are now two new trim levels which are LE and Limited which are the bookends of the XLE trim to make sure you can have the equipment you’re looking for.

Safety and Space in this Toyota SUV

Many of the subcompact crossover SUVs on the market are built to feel like they are cramped and don’t offer you the space you need. The C-HR is built on the same platform as the Camry to give you plenty of interior space for the drive. This SUV is also offered with the Toyota Safety Sense-P suite of safety features that will make sure you can stay safe and feel confident when you take the C-HR out for a drive on the roads in your area.

The Right Small Toyota for You to Drive

When you’re looking for a vehicle that will fit wherever you need to park and allow you to have the interior room to take passengers and cargo where you need to go, the 2019 Toyota C-HR can be the perfect vehicle for you. Let your nearby Toyota dealership show you what this little SUV has for you to experience the qualities and features offered by this amazing brand. You’ll be glad you chose the C-HR when you get behind the wheel and let this SUV be the one that carries you on the road. Trade in your used SUV and upgrade to the new C-HR today.

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