Friday, July 10

Subcompact Crossover from Honda We Might Never See

Even though the automotive marketplace has completely embraced the subcompact crossover class of vehicles, there are still some that could be deemed too small for the North American market. With our wide open spaces and wide roads that are easy to drive on, we want big things that make it possible for us to enjoy the larger items in life. This is why we see more success in the crossover and truck markets and a number of sedans that are being completely deleted from the offerings we’ll see in the future.

Honda has a Great Idea

One of the smallest cars on the market is the Honda Fit. This little hatchback is a car that can be a great choice when it’s time to drive your first car or find one that’s extremely affordable. While the Fit is a great choice, it’s situated low to the ground, which limits the places it can drive to the roads that you travel on a regular basis. The idea that Honda has is to take this platform and turn it into a crossover SUV that can be part of the subcompact crossover class.

Where Will this new Subcompact Model Show Up?

In Europe, the Honda Fit is called the Jazz and this is where we might see the new crossover model that comes from this platform. Honda has recently filed a trademark for the name Jazz Crosstar and Crosstar with the European Intellectual Property Office. Honda has never used this name, but based on the name that’s been filed, it’s easy to assume the name would be used for a crossover-style vehicle that could be called the Jazz Crosstar which would be a lifted model that could head out on the trails in Europe.

Will the Crosstar come to the US

So far, Honda hasn’t filed a trademark for the Crosstar name in the US at all. The thought is that a crossover based on the Honda Fit just might be too small for the US market. Even though many automakers have successfully offered us some amazing subcompact crossover SUVs in the US, adding more to the mix might not make sense when the North American automotive market has turned its back on smaller vehicles in favor of compact crossover SUVs and pickup trucks that can get more done and carry more of what we need on the road.

A Debut Might be in Order

The filing of the trademark for the Jazz Crosstar by Honda has taken place prior to the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, which might be on purpose. We just might see a new concept model of this subcompact crossover SUV at this show next month where we can enjoy what this new vehicle may offer. Some questions will be answered if we see this vehicle arrive in Geneva, but there might also be several questions that we still need to have answered including which markets will see the new Jazz/Fit Crosstar.


We just might see a new concept model of this subcompact crossover SUV at this show next month where we can enjoy what this new vehicle may offer.


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