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2020 GMC Acadia – The Good and the Bad

The middle of the GMC SUV lineup brings you the drive you want in the GMC Acadia. This SUV can be perfect for your growing family to have a premium and rugged vehicle that will be perfect whether you’re driving on the roads or on the trails. As with any vehicle, the 2020 GMC Acadia has some positives and some negatives and you’ll have to balance them out to figure out whether or not this SUV is right for you.

The Positive Attributes of the 2020 GMC Acadia

Drive Feels Natural

The handling offered in the GMC Acadia makes it feel right and it gives you the feeling you’ll admire when you take a drive. You’ll feel the steering as much as you need and have the driving performance you want when you take this SUV out for a ride. Take a look at the different trims offered in the Acadia at your local GMC dealer.

Enjoy the Driver Alert Packages

One of the most important aspects of the GMC Acadia is the two different driver alert packages offered. Both bring you a variety of benefits and the safety features you want when you take a drive. There are a few notable differences between these two packages, which makes it another item you need to figure out when you’re shopping for your Acadia.

Admire the Technology Package of the 2020 GMC Acadia

You can have an affordable version of the GMC Acadia and still have the benefits of the technology you want to experience when you drive. Different trims allow you to have the items you’re looking for when you have the drive you’re looking for. You’ll be pleased to see the different qualities that you can enjoy when you get ready to take a drive.

Excellent Handling in the Acadia

The balance and quality offered in the GMC Acadia make it easy for you to have the drive you’re looking for when you take a drive. The handling is ideal and the way you’ll feel when you’re behind the wheel makes this SUV the right one for you to experience on the road. Take the Acadia out for a test drive and see if it can offer you the feeling you’re looking for.

The Braking is Right for You

If you need to stop in a hurry, the brakes of the GMC Acadia will make it possible for you. The braking is secure and gives you the confidence to continue to steer this SUV until the vehicle comes to a halt. You’ll have the added control you want when you’re driving this SUV down a hill when you’re out on the trails.

Excellent Acceleration in the 2020 GMC Acadia

Select the version of the GMC Acadia that has a V6 engine and you’ll have the swift acceleration you want when you’re taking a drive. This version can get up to speed the way you need and it will make driving on the highways easy for you. The higher engine makes a huge difference when you want the Acadia to perform right for you during your time out on the road.

Tech that’s Easy to Use

GMC gives you a package of technology items offered in every version of the Acadia to make sure you can have the items you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel. The infotainment system gives you the connection you want and offers a user-friendly touchscreen that will ensure you can stay connected and have the feeling you’re looking for when its time for a drive. Get in and see what this SUV has for you.

Choose the All-Terrain Package

The version of the GMC Acadia that can be the one you want to experience out on the trails is the All-Terrain model. This version gives you the fun and performance you want when you’re out on the roads and ready to take a ride on the trails. Experience what this Acadia trim has to offer when you’re ready to get out on the trails for some fun.

The Quality Climate Control System is Right in the 2020 GMC Acadia

Create the environment you want when you get ready to drive the Acadia out on the roads and trails. This SUV can be had with a tri-zone climate control system that will make it easy for you to stay comfortable during your ride. Lower trims have a dual-zone climate system that makes it great for you to have the feeling you want, but the tri-zone system is offered in the higher trims of this SUV.

The Negative Side of the Acadia

The 2020 GMC Acadia Lacks Storage for Small Items

You won’t find a lot of areas where you can carry the small items you need to take with you. You might have to find an alternative way of carrying what you need to when you’re ready to drive. This might not be a major drawback, but it could be something you need in the vehicle you choose to enjoy every day.

Limited Cargo Space

The rear area of the GMC Acadia ha a small space for the cargo you need to take with you during your drive. The space behind the third-row seat is extremely limited, making it difficult for you to take stuff with you on the road. If you want more room for the stuff you need to take every day, you’ll want to choose a larger SUV.

The Acadia has a Cramped Back Row

The third-row seat of the GMC Acadia is small and cramped. This area is only offered with enough room for a couple of children to have the ride needed. Use this area sparingly, don’t expect it to be a place where some of your passengers have to spend time whenever you head out for a ride.

If you want to see what the GMC Acadia has to offer, you’ll want to see this impressive SUV at your local GMC dealership today. This SUV could be the right one for you, especially if you find the trim that has everything you’re after.


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