Thursday, July 25

Where is Dodge Headed?

Dodge History

To know the answer to this particular question it might be better if we explore where Dodge has been and then discuss where it is headed. For 100 years Dodge has been a brand of confusion about most things except the ideal they want to push hard to be the leader in whatever they are doing, but that is where the confusion comes in. Dodge has given us strong and powerful muscle cars, has had cars that were designed specifically for women, offered awesome pickup trucks, branded some of the best family haulers around and even remade some Japanese compacts in the name of offering the vehicles that America wants and is trying to have in their driveway.

Unfortunately because of this muddled history, Dodge has been more of a chic brand for many years and other than the Ram Trucks (now a separate division) and the Grand Caravan (heading for extinction) Dodge has not had much to hang its hat on consistently in the past few model generations of vehicles.

The history of Dodge began as the Dodge Brothers chose to create cars that were better than what was being put out by both Ford and GM. When Dodge has been popular, it’s been when the power and performance were both found in its vehicles, which may be just the right place for Dodge to start hanging its hat.   Since the times of offering the all-steel chassis that competed with the Model T of Ford and the sale of the company to Chrysler, Dodge has been working to make a better car than the competition, and may be now is the perfect time for that to start taking place.

Under the new company name of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the CEO Sergio Marchionne has unveiled the fact that Dodge will become a power player by offering cars that have high performance and high power inside them rather than being more plain and ordinary. This will mean the death of the Caravan lineup and with the separation of Ram Trucks to its newly created division, Dodge is open to be the right platform to handle a dynamic and power producing lineup, giving this brand that has had a crazy past with many cars that maybe should never have been built a new place in our lives and hearts as the next leader in power and performance.

With that in mind, FCA has announced it will not have new Dodge models until at least 2018, meaning there will be a few years where the brand will most likely fall well short of the 596,000 units sold in 2013, but it will certainly be for the right reasons. We won’t be seeing a luxury type of performance from Dodge, but rather a performance base that would certainly make John and Horace Dodge proud. This power will be full of what American Muscle is all about; loud, brash, bold and fun power and performance to make our hearts skip a beat and let us fully realize what the new version of Dodge is all about for all of us.

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