Friday, December 2

Partnership is a Possibility

McLaren 650S Spider 650S

When we see car companies team up the results often can be simply amazing.  When it comes to two of the most lauded names in the business that have developed technologies and systems that are being recognized as the perfect blend of elements the car should be out of this world.  Currently the talks are that two of our favorite names will pair up to design and offers a car that will be the best of both worlds in a way that will generate excitement and possibly give us the next supercar for us to love and admire.

The two that are possibly partnering up are BMW and McLaren.  Why would these two make a great partnership?  With the carbon fiber monocoque from McLaren and the performance parts from BMW this could be a pairing that will result in a car that will be the height of overall precision and performance for us to enjoy and take full advantage of and see a car that certainly shows itself as a sports car that enjoys some of the best engineering from each of the two car companies.  Let’s see what this car would turn out to be in order to give you some of the excitement you want to enjoy.

First of all, the car would be powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine from BMW.  This engine will be fitted with four turbochargers to bring about 750 horsepower to the car.  This will be fitted into a McLaren carbon fiber body that has been developed for the next 650S.  The carbon fiber body will not be all that comes from McLaren, they will also offer their suspension, steering and brakes that will be used but these features will be tuned and calibrated by BMW to work perfectly with the engine from BMW.

As a new marriage there might be a version of this that is ready as soon as the 2017 Frankfurt Show to give us a look at what a high end partnership can be.  If this is successful the news may be that more models come out of this pairing.  Of course if this works there might be a change to the structure of the M-division at BMW to bring about more carbon fiber and create vehicles that are even more finely tuned and ready to take on the sports car world with a vengeance.

In other news there was also rumors of a BMW and Lexus pairing for a similar product to find a successor to the Supra, but as for now the news is this pairing will not take place at all.  For now the pairing of BMW and McLaren is certainly enough to excite our imaginations and let us see what we can expect from a great offering that comes from two of the most highly acclaimed manufacturers on the market.  If this comes to a successful marriage, we will see exactly what these two will show us, but until then we get to imagine exactly what this car will end up being and how much fun these two can come up with together.

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