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The Next Step for the Corvette

07.20.16 - 2016 Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette has been more than just a symbol to us for many years. This car represents the pinnacle of what American engineering can accomplish and has been our own version of a supercar for many decades. At first the Corvette was made to take on some of the European speedsters and show off with great handling and a track prowess that was unmatched. Over time other automakers have passed by the Corvette in both price and engineering but this symbol of Americana isn’t taking anything lying down.

There have been times when the Corvette felt underpowered and not up to the task of challenging the supercar world. There have also been times when this bowtie beauty was able to leave other companies wondering what they did wrong and how the Corvette could be such an amazing car to drive. The Corvette of today is a supercar with massive horsepower and dynamic control around the turns, this is a car that many of us dream of owning and look forward to the day when we can find one that will be our pride and joy on a daily basis.

While the Corvette is awesome, it currently isn’t built in a way that would make it as competitive as GM would like it to be. You see, the Corvette has been the affordable supercar for many generations and has been a car that represents the air of success in a blue collar world. Even though it’s a status of making it in the working world, being able to compete with the supercars that are being built today means modifications are needed to the Corvette to keep it competitive, which might just make at least one model of the Corvette out of the price range we’re used to.

Would it be cool to have a Corvette that could compete with the exotics we see on the tracks today? Absolutely, which is why Chevrolet is currently testing a mid-engined version of the Corvette. One such car has already been seen testing and shows off with a large opening over the engine which we are told will eventually be covered with a glass engine cover to give us a clean look into the engine bay while offering the aerodynamics needed to help make this car faster.

The goal here seems to be to have a car that can outperform the Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan and the Ford GT. The Ford is certainly the top target on the list as Ford and GM have battled it out for many decades to bring us some of the most interesting and enticing cars on the road today.

As for the power to run this car, rumor has it that this new Corvette may use a turbocharged direct- injected V6 engine that will produce over 700 horsepower. Does that sound familiar at all? It should since the Ford GT uses a similar engine to produce the power coming out of its mid-engine setup.

Unfortunately when you have car that is changed this much and is set up in this way the price tag jumps quite a bit. The early estimation is this car will cost you nearly $400,000 to own it which certainly puts it clear out of many of our price ranges. What will be extremely cool is if we ever get to see this car battle with a Ford GT at Le Mans. We will have to wait a little longer for that as the new Corvette isn’t expected to debut until the 2018 Detroit Auto Show and may not be ready for the track until 2019.

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