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Chevrolet has Charging Solutions for the new Bolt EV

01.03.17 - Chevrolet Bolt

As the newest full-time EV on the market and the first one from Chevrolet the Bolt EV will be offered with options that you want when you buy this car. The Bolts offers you a full 238 miles of EV range from a full charge and after the federal tax credit this car comes to a price that’s less than $30,000 to be one of the most affordable EV cars ever built. To go along with the new Bolt you can choose to purchase new charging options for your Bot to ensure you’ll have the right way to keep your vehicle charged and on the road.

As an option Chevrolet has partnered with AeroVironment to offer a Level 2 charging station that you can buy to go along with your Bot and give you the best way to charge the vehicle on a daily basis. This Level 2 Charging station will take approximately nine hours to charge the car using a 240-volt connection and it can be purchased for $699 as an option you want to enjoy. This charger is available at Chevrolet dealers you to give you the right way to charge if the new Bot is the car for you.

The Bolt is also offered with a DC fast charging option which will cost $750 and give you the opportunity to use public fast charging stations for longer trips. This new fast charging system uses the CCS protocol and is able to charge the battery to a range of ninety miles of range in only thirty minutes of charge time. With these two choices the Bolt is an EV that will not cause you to have the need to stay home all the time. The range of this new car will also allow you to enjoy the ride and be able to go for longer drives.

Currently, GM has no plans right now to fund the installation of CCS DC fast-charging stations. Because the Bolt is the first full-time EV model from Chevrolet, GM hasn’t made plans to contribute to this infrastructure of charging but most likely will in the future. The contribution that GM will make in the future may depend upon the number of EV models that will be crated across the brands. Other manufactures currently contribute to making this system better for all EV owners and it will be the responsibility of GM in the future as they enter the market with more models.

Now that Chevrolet has entered the EV market with its first full time model that has the range you want in the Bolt EV we will see more from GM and their part of the EV market in the future. The two options you have when you buy the Bolt EV will give you the ability to make your Bolt a regular use item on the road every single day. This amazing new car has won the race to the affordable EV coming to the market for us to have the ride we want.

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