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The Toyota That Spares No Expense

The Toyota That Spares No Expense

Can the Toyota brand, known for affordable models that we love to drive every day, truly “spare no expense” when building a car?

Do you remember the 1993 film, Jurassic Park? In this film, the wealthy John Hammond created a park full of dinosaurs and put them together as a bit of a tour. This park was meant to be much like a zoo tour you would enjoy today, but the trouble was the attractions eventually killed and ate each other and tormented the people. During this movie, the character of Hammond said many times that he “spared no expense” when it came to the development of the park and the items on the tour.

The Toyota Century is a Modern Dinosaur

As an exception to the events of the Jurassic Park movie, the Toyota brand is not likely going to eat and kill anyone. They did, however, spare no expense when it came to the build and development of the new Toyota Century. This car is expected to be a serious luxury machine that will only be built to carry around those willing to put a separate driver behind the wheel and feel the pure joy and comforts of the rear seat where the magic of luxury can take place every day.

The Toyota Century is a car that we last saw on the market more than 21 years ago and now it’s been fully redesigned to be a car that can offer the pure comforts desired. The new Century was brought to the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show to give us an idea of what Toyota is thinking about when it comes to the chauffeured luxury feeling we want to enjoy when it’s time for a great drive. The exterior look of the car absolutely makes you think of a dinosaur from the 1990s, but it does have plenty of modern features to be right for those who make use of it.

What Makes the Century Special?

When was the last time you could think of a Toyota that would cost over $178,000? Well, the Toyota Century will be offered at this price. Have you ever seen a modern sedan with a 1990s style, a 425 horsepower 5.0-liter hybrid V8 engine, and wool upholstery? That’s exactly what the Toyota Century will offer for the drive. This is a car that will be carefully hand-assembled by a team of expert Japanese craftsmen who will put this car together and apply the seven-layer paintwork that has to be hand polished.

The new Century will also feature some of the luxury items that you typically only see in Rolls-Royce and Bentley models. This car will have power-adjustable rear seats, adjustable leg rests, a rear LCD panel for the climate controls and audio settings, a writing table, a reading light, a rear-seat entertainment system, and a 20-speaker audio system. There’s also active noise cancellation and specially developed tires for the quiet and comfortable ride you want to enjoy. Unfortunately for North Americans, this car will only be offered in Japan, but maybe we’ll see a version of it offered in the future.

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