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The Toyota Camry Holds Its Residual Value Over Time

Most people know that new cars depreciate immensely within their first couple of years of use. A used Toyota Camry, however, tends to maintain its original value over time. That means that drivers looking to buy a new car find it prudent to pick up a Camry because that used Toyota Camry will retain its value longer than the competition will.

If most cars depreciate by two-thirds their original value in just five years, how is it that the Camry can provide close to 52.4-percent resale value? Here are some of the reasons a used Toyota Camry holds its value so well.

Toyota Is a Recognizable Brand

One of the biggest factors that impact resale value is the manufacturer’s reputation. Toyota is one of those names that scream “reliable.” Drivers know that their Toyota vehicles will stand the test of time.

The Camry is practically Toyota’s flagship, which means it gets constant updates to ensure that it’s always relevant. Moreover, the Camry is one of the most popular sedans on the road right now. That only helps boost the Camry brand, which ensures that it retains its value.

Durability Makes A Huge Difference When It Comes To Value

Simply put: Toyota builds cars that last. When a vehicle, like the Camry, holds up to regular usage, wear, and tear better than the competition, it’s going to keep its value. Outside of routine maintenance, this sedan rarely needs stops at the shop.

Thanks to the advanced engineering at Toyota, a used Toyota Camry is still going to be cruising long after its competitors are laid to rest in a junkyard.

Features Drivers Want

Another thing that helps a used Toyota Camry keep its value is that it comes with tons of amazing features. With six different trim levels and tons of upgrade options, there is a pre-owned Camry out there with everything you desire.

From an entire suite of driver-assist safety features to sport-tuned suspensions to leather upholstery, the Camry has it all. You can even pick up a Camry with a hybrid powertrain that will reduce your fuel costs while increasing your residual value.

The Toyota Camry Stands Up To The Competition and Keeps its Value

The market has no shortage of mid-size sedans. Few of these rivals have the reputation, longevity, or popularity of the Toyota Camry. Sure, the Accord, Sonata, and Malibu all have their fan bases, but the Camry is practically the definition of excellence.

Whether you’re looking to make your next vehicle into an investment or you’re searching for a used vehicle that’s still worth its weight, stop by your local dealer and explore a new or used Toyota Camry today.


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