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2025 Toyota Camry: All-Hybrid, All-Awesome for Family Sedans

2025 Toyota Camry: All-Hybrid, All-Awesome for Family Sedans

Will the midsize sedan class return to its former glory? Probably not, but the 2025 Toyota Camry brings some impressive qualities to the XLE AWD hybrid sedan.

The 2025 version of the Camry could be the best-selling hybrid car next year. This might be predictive and a bit aggressive, but the Camry hybrid has the potential to hit impressive numbers. Last year, only 12 percent of the Toyota Camry models sold in America were hybrid, but all versions of the 2025 model come with a hybrid powertrain, which could easily change things dramatically for the car and the brand.

Could the hybrid-only build surprise some customers?

Many Camry owners are repeat customers. This car has been the go-to family sedan for several generations, with some parents and grandparents passing their Camrys down to younger drivers. As these customers head to dealers for their next Camry, they will find a bit of a surprise. Starting in 2025, the ninth-gen Camry doesn’t have a gas-only powertrain in any trim. Most drivers will likely move past this quickly and enjoy the hybrid power and efficiency that comes with this amazing midsize sedan. Still, some customers might be a little upset by the lack of options.

There’s more to this Camry than fuel mileage

Toyota is the leader in the hybrid world, with the Prius, but hybrid cars are much different from what they were nearly 20 years ago. Early Prius models were focused on fuel mileage and shaped like doorstops to squeeze every inch of driving out of a tank of gas, but today’s models have more power than ever before.

When we turn to the 2025 Toyota Camry and its hybrid powertrain, we find a more punchy powertrain with silky-smooth electric driving assistance. The Camry’s new powertrain shows how an electric motor can take a regular 4-cylinder engine and make it much better. The FWD models will deliver 184 horsepower from the engine and 134 horsepower from the electric motor to return 225 horsepower combined. If you choose an AWD version, you’ll have a second electric motor that generates 40 horsepower and increases the combined output to 232 ponies.

The Camry XLE AWD uses electric-only power

When you choose the XLE AWD version of this midsize sedan, you’ll have more than enough electric power to get going. This car might have enough electric range to handle most of your driving duties without ever using a drop of gas. Enjoy the immediate electric drive of the motors while the engine builds up and is prepared to aid in the driving efforts.

Although the Camry has an electric-assist system, it can still hit 60 mph in 6.9 seconds. This is faster than the current Camry but slower than the outgoing V6 model. This sprint time should be more than enough to handle your acceleration needs on the road.

There’s still a fuel mileage factor

Although the new 2025 Toyota Camry hybrid powertrain isn’t only about fuel mileage, it’s still part of the mix. The XLE AWD model returns 46 mpg for all ratings. This means you can reach this mileage when driving in the city or on the highway.

The Camry drives in a non-hybrid manner. This might be a welcome part of the driving experience. Rather than adding one-pedal driving or a high-regen mode, the Camry has traditional braking. Additionally, the shifter is a traditional setup instead of a knob or joystick, which has become more commonplace in many modern vehicles.

An aggressive Camry

You might not think about this Toyota sedan as an aggressive midsize car for your family, but it can be. This car has a sloping nose, narrow headlights, and subtly bulging rear fenders to give this car a more aggressive attitude on the road. The SE and XSE receive sport-tuned springs and dampers along with larger-diameter anti-roll bars to improve handling in these trims. The XLE AWD is a bit more of a comfort-first version with smooth and quiet operation that you’re sure to admire when you get behind the wheel.

Toss in the Premium Plus Package

If you want to add a little more to the 2025 Toyota Camry XLE AWD, the Premium Plus Package is a great bundle of additional features. This package gives you:

  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 360-degree camera system
  • Head-up display
  • Ventilated seats
  • Driver attention monitor
  • 9-speaker JBL audio system
  • Panoramic sunroof

Could the new 2025 Toyota Camry with the hybrid powertrain in the XLE AWD version be the right car for you to drive? This hybrid midsize sedan might be the perfect car for your family.

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