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Best Car Features For 2015

Adaptive Cruise Control Toyota

Car technology has come a long way from your grandmother’s sedan. Heated seats, rear-view cameras, and so many other helpful features have been added to cars over the years to make your drive not only convenient, but comfortable as well. So which features are the most useful or luxurious car options for 2015? There are quite a few, it turns out. Although different manufacturer’s call them different things, they really all boil down to be the same features.

Let’s start with the seats. Although heated leather seats have been around for a while and are a great comfort feature, leather can be a little warm in the summer. Enter the “air conditioned” seats. This feature allows you to cool down your seat and keeps your legs from sweating in your shorts during those 90 degree summer days. Add to that multiple adjustments to your seat from reclining and lifting, to lumbar support and your ride just got a little more comfy.

The rear backup camera revolutionized the safety of vehicles. Not only does it make it easier to back out of a busy parking lot or driveway, it saves the lives of small children who may be out of view of the driver. The backup camera has evolved over time. The addition of dynamic lines makes it easier than ever to park backward in that awkward parking space ensuring you have plenty of room while you are doing it.

Proximity keys, or keyless entry has made life a lot more convenient. Do you have an arm full of grocery bags and you don’t want to dig through your purse or pocket? Voila! Enter the proximity key which can detect when you are near the vehicle and will unlock the vehicle for you saving you from standing in the pouring rain or sweltering heat while you dig aimlessly through your gigantic purse or ever so deep pockets.

Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Assist are game changers for drivers. Do you have a long distance drive on a straight boring road? If you start to drift past the lines, Lane Departure Warning will alert you. Need an extra set of eyes as you change lanes? Lane Change Assist gives you a little help to make sure you safely change lanes and avoid an accident.

Adaptive Cruise Control allows drivers to keep the car in cruise control, but adjust the speed based upon cars in front of you. This keeps you from having the time old hassle of setting your cruise control only to have to cancel it because some “awesome” driver pulls in front of you ruining your driving groove. It may make you slow down a bit, but you won’t have to cancel your cruise control.

Rain Sensing Wipers are the next generation of windshield wipers. First there were delay wipers, which are really nice, but it seems like you still have to mess with the windshield wipers to get them at that “perfect” speed for the rain hitting your window. Rain Sensing Wipers allow you to not have to continuously adjust your wipers, which keeps your eyes on the road a little more.

The final pick for best feature for 2015 vehicles would have to be bluetooth. Although it has been around for a while now, it still is an awesome feature. Bluetooth allows your smartphone to basically become a part of your car. From streaming music and handsfree driving to GPS and a plethora of useful downloadable apps, bluetooth technology eliminates the need for many of the pricey options like navigation for many drivers.

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