Thursday, March 30

For the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S, Tim Allen Needs to be Called

Subaru BRZ White

Possibly that is a stretch in the title to say we must call on Tim Allen even though anyone familiar with his brand of comedy and his television show would know he has always advocated for more power. To Tim it never mattered where that power came from as long as you could put more of it in whatever you were working on. The Subaru BRZ and is cousin the Scion FR-S are certainly cars that offer the need for more power. These two are amazing performance inspired vehicles which offer great handling and control in order to experience exceptional capability.

With the thought of more power for this already awesome pair of cars, we can continue to complain and whine until Subaru wakes up and puts a strong V8 inside with a better exhaust and shaves off some weight from the car, or we can do something about it. That is what the folks at Japan’s JUN Auto decided to do with some help from Synergy Power out of New Zealand.

This team of mechanical geniuses (or madmen, depending on how you see it) took two four stroke Kawasaki Ninja inline four-cylinder motorcycle engines together and joined them at the crank in order to create a crazy combination that shows up as a 2.4-liter eight-cylinder engine. This high powered combination shows off a whopping 356 horsepower and 200 lb.-ft. of torque along with dropping a full 66 pounds from the weight with the stock engine inside. What might concern you is how everything worked together with the BRZ equipment, well as it turns out this baby was basically plug and play, giving the team a fairly easy time setting up all the gauges and controls with this motor in the engine bay.

Obviously a work like this is going to cost quite a bit and be built for a purpose. In that fact, you would absolutely be correct. To modify the BRZ to the new specs, the cost was close to $70,000 and as for the purpose, basically JUN just wanted to know it could be done and have a BRZ they could be proud to run at any track in the area. I would say that is plenty of cost and reason to justify a build like this, actually it wouldn’t even take that much convincing for me to enjoy these kinds of results.

So in the immortal them of Tim Allen of “More Power” which needed to be added to the BRZ in a big way, we can only hope Subaru has a plan for future BRZ and FR-S models to show up with a dynamic set of exhaust pipes and a massive dose of true V8 power under the hood. Otherwise, the folks at JUN and Synergy are going to become much more popular with these kinds of builds on cars that are simply lacking in power but have everything else we all need from them.

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