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Police Cars that Can Really Keep Up

Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia

It’s been a constant battle for many years all over the world for the Police Force to continually have cars that are built to chase down the fastest of criminals as well as offer the protection needed of any of the men or women in blue to stay as protected as they can. In many ways the Police have gained a serious advantage and several of them now have such cool cars to drive many of us would love to be able to take a ride in one, which unfortunately means being arrested, but it might just be worth it to be allowed to see what the Police have done to upgrade already awesome vehicles.

Typically and what we are used to is a long line of Fords for the Police to drive, but many of them are stepping up the game to Hummers and Land Rovers that are capable of rolling over many off pavement obstacles while in pursuit. These beastly SUV’s have been outfitted with bullet resistant doors and glass to allow the best protection possible when ramming one of these adrenaline laden machines through a door or wall during a drug raid or bust of any sort.

Jaguar XF Police Car

In Italy, you might see the police running around in Gallardo LP560-4’s that are custom built with gun racks and video recording systems. These care are simply speed and power upholding the justice system for the Italian public giving the police the chance to serve and protect better than ever before. Another model that can be seen in Italy is the Jaguar XF which is equipped with is highly powerful 3.0-liter diesel engine giving serious acceleration to the car and a huge amount of fuel efficiency to sustain a long chase when called upon.

1985 Land Rover Defender Police Car

Ford did up their game by introduction a new Police Interceptor sedan and SUV that are certified for rear-end collision a 75 mph and are fitted with front doors with ballistic panels. The UK police have a very nice 1985 Land Rover Defender they don’t seem to want to give up and the town of Rehoboth, MA has its Police riding around in a jacked Hummer H1 with the Hopkinton, RI Police using an actual military grade Humvee.

Bentley Continental GT Police Car

In Dubai the Police have taken this competition a step further by equipping their officers with Chevy Camaros with the 6.2-liter V8 engine bringing 426 horsepower. If that just doesn’t cut the mustard the also have a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG which costs at least $200,000 and can reach sixty mph in less than four seconds. Once again, if you still don’t think they have enough speed you can keep looking down their line of police cars and find a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF and a Bentley Continental GT ready to chase down criminals who think they can get away.

Ferrari FF Police Car

It’s safe to say the Police force of the world seems to have paid close attention to what criminals can get their hands on and have stepped up their game a great deal over the past several years. With these speed demons and monster crushers at their disposal the Police are certainly better equipped to offer their protection to those they protect on a daily basis.

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