Sunday, June 23

What Makes a Car Sexy?

 Maserati Granturismo

The old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” may be true in human relationships, and many of us have our opinions about what is an attractive quality in a car, but overall, most cars offer a distinct appeal. Trucks and large SUV are brash, bold and rugged for the most part, some may find that sexy, but not obviously so. Sedans are useful and some of the most sold vehicles, but for the most part not sexy at all. Sports cars can be very sexy, but with the overdone performance and the aerodynamics involved show off an attractive appearance that might have many of us feeling the ride will be over way too soon.

In order to get this lesson moving, let’s take a look at one specific car, the Maserati Granturismo. This car is truly sexy from every angle and does not offer the feeling that it will end the run anytime soon, but instead be ready with plenty of stamina for the long haul. The Granturismo offers sweeping lines that are alluring and curvaceous to give a “come hither” look to men and a secure and comforting embrace to women.

As the sibling to Ferrari is it any surprise the Italians have made such an attractive and voluptuous vehicle? Not really. The Granturismo is a car that is built to enjoy a country drive with perfect precision, exceptional luxury and continue to offer the best possible ride. The suspension has been so fine-tuned you could hardly every feel a single bump in the road, and its continuous gorgeous appearance give you the knowledge there is a new pleasure to discover around every curve and corner of the car. The Granturismo even offers a great look with its top down, instead of just looking like the car was chopped off, the roof retracts in a seductive manner to showcase an open cabin that seats four comfortably to enjoy some exciting open air driving.

The strength and longevity come from the awesome 4.7-liter V8 engine that shows up with a powerful 454 horsepower. No turbo or supercharges here, this car is made to push through under its own without the performance enhancements many of the super sports cars rely on. When you need just a quick burst from this model, it is up to the task as well, reaching sixty mph in only 4.7 seconds to give you a quick feeling of excitement and let you get your heart pounding and leave you breathless after such a short and satisfying run.

The Maserati Granturismo is truly a sexy car from each and every angle. From the power to the precision to the look and even the overall feel of the car all make it the poster child for sexy cars on the planet, leaving many others behind having to figure out how they are going to up their own sex appeal and become vehicles that are equally attractive to men and women.

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