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Will it be or Won’t it be?

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Whether that’s a mock of Shakespeare’s famous quote or simply a happy accident is hard for me to determine but the subject today is whether or not a car will become a classic in several years.  Typically a classic car has to be at least 25 years old, but for the interest of a real classic it also has be to be one that is desirable and brings a bit of charm form the era it was made in.  With cars these days made almost to be disposable after a few years it’s interesting to discuss whether or not some are meant to become classics.  Someday our future generations will be able to say “they sure don’t make them like they did in 2015 anymore”; let’s look at some vehicle they might be talking about.

Volvo S60 and V60 PolestarThis is a sports car pair from Volvo that has only had a few models show up here in the US, but they are fantastic cars.  With a sporty performance and a dynamic ride these two make it easy to see how they might turn out to be classics.  If you can keep yourself from pushing the pedal or the limits too often you just might have a great classic car on your hands to pass down or show off in several years.

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28This car is nearly always considered to be an instant classic in every body style and performance model it has ever had.  The Camaro has changed going into next year so a 2015 model might become a classic and having that classic be the Z/28 will certainly make it even more special.  What makes this a rare car now is so many of them are being built to track specs instead of just being enjoyed on the road, which means fewer will survive.

Mustang GT350/GT350R – The powerful beast that rests within this fast galloping pony will certainly be sought after even though Ford will make as many of these models as there are people who will line up to buy them.  Even with that though, many of these will suffer a similar fate to the Z/28 by being put through their paces at the track until they crash or blow.  If you aren’t taking yours to the track, handle it with care and you might see it be a rare item in a few decades.

Porsche Cayman GT4/Boxster Spyder – Because Porsche, like many other supercar automakers, has developed automatic transmissions that shift better than we can ourselves these might be the last two models that are manual only from this highly respected name in sports cars.  If that is the case the price for one of these beauties in excellent condition after twenty-five years could be nearly astronomical and make you and instant millionaire.

Mercedes- Benz S65 AMG CoupeAs we see many cars losing weight and making more from their smaller engines the V12 is expected to disappear form the Mercedes- Benz lineup eventually.  Not only is this car powered by a V12 but its powered by a turbocharged V12 to make it one of the most powerful coupes in the lineup and one that will certainly gain a following that is nearly cultish.  Get your hands on one while you can and hold onto it for dear life.

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe (RWD) – The name says it all and this car with the styling of the sport luxury looks that we want to love will be a thing of the past soon.  The RWD model will no longer be available after this year making this version of the F-Type R an instant classic once the proper amount of time passes.  This car is one that you can enjoy on any road and expect to see people staring, especially several years down the road.

Dodge ViperThe Viper is already a classic before it even comes off the line.  There are so many of these cars that are of different builds and variety that nearly every owner has a one of a kind Viper.  Each one might have its own unique story to tell but many will fall to the same fate as many other sports cars and end up as track fodder, which allows them to be in even rarer air than what they already are; if you have one please take care of it for your future.

Chevrolet SSI almost don’t have to tell you about this car.  The SS is a V8 powered performance sedan that offers a manual transmission and a magnetic ride suspension.  It should be fitted into a sports car body and then it would last forever but because it’s a sedan it’s a bit of a high-priced enigma making it a car that will no longer be in production after 2017 and will only have a few left on the planet in a few decades as many owners will not know what they have in their driveways.

Cadillac ELRThe ELR will be a classic because of low sales that cause it to be a rare sight on the road.  When the hybrid market becomes a part of the classic cars this will be one that instantly increases in value because it has not picked up a great following to be a sales leader for Cadillac and will eventually probably find itself as a car that was lost to the lack of sales that we see so many great cars fall victim to each year.

BMW X6 MThis small SUV from BMW will not sell at a high volume but for those of you who do buy one it’s an appreciable commodity to own.  As an SUV that should really be in a muscle car body the small size and over the top performance features will keep it rare and allow us to enjoy and admire it from afar while the few who are willing to gamble on this beauty will certainly see their hand come up all aces on down the road.

Alfa Romeo 4C SpiderThe sports convertible from Alfa Romeo that has Ferrari good looks and an amazing performance gives many of us a car that we can afford and enjoy.  Even though the $65,000 price tag doesn’t seem like much now and there are several of these beauties on the road it’s expected to be a rare find after a few decades of being driven by owners who forgot what they were buying when they came and picked up their 4C Spider.

As you can see some of these cars may or may not make it to classic status on down the road, but that is a gamble you sometimes have to take.  The bigger the gamble the larger the payday when you finally see your cared for and pampered beauty finally make it to the status of a classic car which will surely cause it to rise in value much more than a typical contender like the sports cars we are used to seeing as instant classics.

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