Wednesday, February 8

When Performance Matters

Yellow Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Most of the time we spend behind the wheel of a car what actually matters to us is the features we can make use of on our dull and boring drive to and from work each day.  When faced with this type of driving we don’t typically need performance from our car, just the ability to enjoy the drive in some fashion.  At other times, such as when you schedule some track time or want to take a drive in the country, performance really does matter and you want to have a great performance car to give you the fun and engaged driving experience to make your ride one that you can really take pleasure in.  When you want a great performance car for these drives, consider these and find the car that will excite you:

Bentley Continental GT3-RThis car is one that is great when the road is straight to give you the muscle you want for some great speed and also offers you the performance and handling you want to rip through some curves and turns to be the car that will give you a beautiful ride in a car that is ready to take on any challengers.

Cadillac ATS-V As the performance equivalent of the Camaro the ATS-V is a beautiful performance luxury coupe that is awesome on the track and is a great car to drive on the road.  The balance of this car is perfect from the front to the back, giving you a car that excels at taking on the road and giving you back what you want in an awesome car that is full of great driving capabilities.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06This car is everything you want from a Corvette.  As a comfortable touring car that can also rip apart a track this car has become one that many think could be the right car to take a road trip in, as long as you are by yourself.  Turn the key and listen to the awesome power that is found under the hood and is one of the most impressive sounds you will ever hear.

Dodge Viper ACRThis car should be kept on the track but certainly it can be driving on some great roads as well if you want.  With an awesome 1700 pounds of downforce when it’s at the top speed moving around a track this car is always under control and makes it easier for you to cut a corner than ever other car on this list.

Ferrari 488 GTBAs the next version of the 458 Special the 488 GTB is expected to offer you better acceleration, a faster quarter mile time, and even better handling and braking than its predecessor.  As a gorgeous car that can really bring the heat this Ferrari is one that will be the performance car you want to love and appreciate more than most others.

Ford Mustang GT350R You might not think a Mustang should be in this group, but this one will hold the corners at more than 1.1g of force to give you the handling you really want to have.  As the most popular and transitional pony car on the market the Mustang GT350R makes a lot of noise and looks great doing it as it takes on the road with a massive smile.

Mercedes-AMG GT SAs you might expect the AMG performance player from Mercedes makes the list as an awesome performance car for you to have a great drive.  This car is basically a rocket ship from the power plant and will stick to the road with a glue-like adhesion.  This car is one that shows you what a blend of luxury and power should look like as the top performer from Mercedes-Benz.

Porsche Cayman GT4You know this list would not be complete without an entry from Porsche and the Cayman GT4 is one of the most impressive cars on the road today.  With the awesome handling that has yet to be matched by any other model on the road this car can quickly get past some of the others on the road and will make track time the best part of your week.

When performance is what you want these are the cars to choose from to give you the power and the overall performance you need to handle corners, carve turns, take on the canyon run or have some of the best straight line power you will find on any car on the market today.  Pick one out and have a great time with your track time and your weekend getaway driving that can be a lot of fun for you.

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