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What did BMW bring to Paris?

10.19.16 - BMW X2 Concept

BMW has been working on the X2, we know this because spy shots have been shared on many different automotive websites, but they chose to bring a concept model of the new X2 to the Paris Motor Show to give us a look at what will be their next luxury compact crossover model. This SUV came in bathed in a red-orange paint with gray cladding on the sides to give it a dramatic look and the appearance of an SUV up front and a sports coupe in the back to make the X2 ad combination vehicle that you want to pay close attention to.

Just looking at this new X2 concept you see it rides on large 21-inch wheels and offers a long wheelbase as it enjoys the sporty look of a stretched and longer roofline and short overhangs. The body has a low feeling from the forward slanted C-pillars, making it feel sport and ready to ride on any road. This doesn’t look much like an SUV that you could take out on the trails, and by the feeling you can get from BMW I wouldn’t expect you to head out on any dirt or tract that you find as this is a vehicle that’s made for the roads and for the curves you find.

The forward leaning C-pillars make this SUV look like a four-door coupe version of the X1 on a larger build. This is a vehicle that takes away much of the typical BMW style cues that we’re used to, but offers us a new look that’s toned down form the X4 or X6 models that are larger and more rugged. Up front you see a dual kidney grill appearance that is easily recognizable and a snub nosed shape to give you a look that feels more like and SUV than a sedan, even though this concept is a vehicle that is smaller than most SUVs on the road.

The base model of the X2 will be expected to use a FWD platform similar to the X1 but the xDrive AWD system will be available as well. The dark cladding of the apron of the X2 is how BMW has chosen to make this SUV look at least a little rugged although it will most likely never leave the street as you enjoy the drive on any road in an SUV that can handle some curves and the twists and turns you enjoy.

The low slung look of the X2 gives you a vehicle that will let you enjoy the sport of a BMW car in a larger size. While the X2 concept that showed up in Paris isn’t what we’ll see as the final version, this is an SUV that will most likely be part of the 2018 model lineup from BMW to give them a complete lineup of SUVs to match up with their sedans and coupes. This SUV is one to be excited about if you love the way compact SUVs have come to be popular on the market today, and if this article hasn’t gotten you excited, maybe this video will.

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