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Chrysler Knows We Love Our Technology

02.13.17 - Chrysler Pacifica

There’s something to be said for the advances made in technology over the years. Many times over we’ve seen vehicles that offer more than previous models and every year it seems like there’s a new piece of tech that makes it so we can be even more connected than ever. Because we tend to admire tech and the capabilities we can enjoy when improvements are made, it only makes sense for us to admire the Chrysler Pacifica minivan because it’s one of the most technologically advanced minivans that have ever come to the market.

This new minivan carries on the impressive performance and features that have been part of what Chrysler has offered for years. Its roomy, it looks great and it’s versatile, which all make it a minivan that you can enjoy owning with your family. The Stow-N-Go sets that have been admired and desired for so long are some of the easiest to use and get out of your way when you need to make added space in the vehicle. The areas where the seats go make excellent storage bins when the seats are up and in use, giving you the perfect blend of what you want for your versatile cargo space.

In the second row, the technology starts with charging ports and a great place to store computer tablets in the console that’s offered between the captain’s chairs. This is great for the older kids that ride along with you who want to stay connected online and be able to enjoy the ride at the same time. In the back of the Pacifica you’ll find another charging port and a place that’s perfect for the storage of at least one device at the same time. This gives you more of the connectivity you want for those who have to ride in this third row of seats.

Up front there are three charging ports and the most updated version of the Uconnect touchscreen system which is placed in some of the highest trims of the minivan. This is a comprehensive infotainment system that makes a huge difference in the ride and offers you everything you need to stay connected, navigate and listen to the music you want to hear. This music sounds even better in the Pacifica when you choose the twenty-speaker Harman/Kardon sound system to give you the concert like quality you need.

We couldn’t talk about technology in the Pacifica without the inclusion of the available driver assistance systems. Not only do you have a clear exterior camera view around the vehicle with use of the systems in place, but you also have the benefit if items such as parallel and perpendicular parking assist which allow you to let the minivan park for you. This is an easier way to park than you’ve ever had and you won’t ever be embarrassed by crooked parking jobs again. Of course you can also enjoy the features that help on the road as well.

The new Chrysler Pacifica offers you tech and improvements everywhere you look to make sure you have the minivan that’s right for you to drive while offering you what you want. We love our technology and with the Pacifica everything is based in some part on a technological improvement that Chrysler has implemented for your driving and performance enjoyment. If you want the minivan that gives you a great way to stay connected with the rest of the world, make the Pacifica your choice and let it show you exactly how much you’ll love and use the convenience items of this great vehicle.

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