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2017 Ferrari 488 GTB: A Work of Art

2017 Ferrari 488 GTB A Work of Art

When it’s time for you to drive your dream car the brand of Ferrari is one that you can certainly consider as a brand you’ve admired for decades and always wanted to drive. If this is the brand you’re looking to choose, the Ferrari 488 GTB or Spider are two excellent choices you can make to have the drive you’ve been looking for. This car is one that’s offered with a seductive exterior and every aspect of the driving you want to have when you’re ready to have an amazing way to enjoy the track and the ability to show off the way you want.

The 488 GTB is a car that is fact, aerodynamic, offers incredible acceleration and brings in the world-class handling that makes it the perfect choice for you. This car is one that shows up, shows off and leaves everyone else looking onward at you with the desire to be you and have the experience you just did. In the Spider form, the fun is increased even farther to let you have what you want with the ability to have the top down and let the wind whip through your hair while you drive.

The power you have formed this amazing high-performance car is a strong and powerful 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that brings you 661 horsepower and 561 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to a quick shifting seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission that pushes the power to the rear wheels to make sure you can get going the way you want. With this powertrain, you’ll be able to rip around the track to show off the amazing qualities of this super sports car that gives you the driving excitement you’ve been after when you want to enjoy some serious speed.

If you could consider it to be standard, the 488 GTB offers you some equipment that makes this car the one you want to have the fun you’re looking for. you’ll love the carbon ceramic brakes, an impressive infotainment system, a gauge cluster that shows off the information you want, several electronic aids that enhance the performance while keeping you involved and keyless starting. Let this car be the dream that comes true for you if you’re ready to have one of the most impressive models on the market from Ferrari to give you the driving you’re looking for.

Upgrading this amazing car is one that gives you a lot to choose from when you need something that will be right on the road and for the track days you enjoy. You can choose from just about any paint color you can think of, custom stitching for the interior, several carbon fiber trim pieces that reduce the weight of the car, front and rear parking cameras, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Let this be the car you’ll enjoy when it’s time for you to finally have the car that you’re looking for as the car of your dreams that can give you everything you’re looking for in a great car.

Most of the time you don’t expect a sports car, even one at the level of the Ferrari 488 GTB to have much of an infotainment system, but this one is extremely useful even though it might not look like it at first. The buttons and knobs that you can use to control the audio, navigation, and phone functions are easy and intuitive with this system making it much better than what you would normally see on cars that are designated to be track born and ready.

If you’ve been looking for the car that will make it possible for you to have the dream vehicle to drive that you’ve always wanted, the Ferrari 488 GTB and Spider make it easier than ever to have the right car to show off. You’ll be able to drive on the road or on the track and know you’re going to have a lot of people looking your way in this car that shows off as a serious model of performance and perfection. You know you want to check owning this car off your Bucket List and make it the one that allows you to experience driving in a way you never have; check out one today.

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