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There’s More than Ever in the BMW 4 Series

There’s More than Ever in the BMW 4 Series

Never let it be said that BMW doesn’t offer you the choices you want when it’s time to have a drive on the road in a luxury car. As the leader in choices in every model, the BMW team brings the 2018 4 Series to the market with three different models to choose from. You can have the classic coupe version, a retractable hardtop convertible that’s also been part of the market in the past, but you can now also have a four-door liftback model called the Gran Coupe and have the drive you’re looking for.

The Gran Coupe Debut

If you want practicality and styled married together in the BMW 4 Series you want to drive, the Gran Coupe may be the right choice for you with its five-passenger configuration and an impressive cargo area that can be ideal for taking what you need with you on the road. This car is sleek, stylish, and impressive on the road regardless of the body style that you choose for the drive. This is an excellent car that brings you the BMW driving dynamics that makes sense when you’re ready to head out and experience what the road has to offer.
In addition to the four-door model of the Gran Coupe, the BMW 4 Series adds some additional upgrades for the 2018 model year. This car has new front and rear exterior items to give it a sleeker appearance, a stiffer suspension, upgraded steering, new exterior colors, and four new wheel choices for your drive. You’ll admire the new full LED headlights and feel the comfort of the new steering wheel and upgraded digital interface if you choose a model that has the navigation system included for you to have the right vehicle to drive and enjoy every day.

Making the Decisions Easier in the BMW 4 Series

While the BMW 4 Series does have a lot to offer, if you want a convertible you won’t have to avoid this car for fear of a cloth top. The convertible model of the 4 Series uses a hardtop that will fold away using power operation to make sure you can have a hard roof when you drive with the top up and a gorgeous appearance when the top is folded away. Take a look at this version of the 4 Series and make it the right one for you when you’re looking for a great convertible to drive.
It’s easy to find the right car for the drive when you shop at your nearby BMW dealership. The 4 Series is a sleek, attractive, impressive, and stylish car that can be perfect for your driving needs when you look to have the driving enjoyment you’re after. This car is pure luxury on the wheels and offers you a wide variety of options to make sure you can enjoy the ride every day and have the practicality, sportiness, or open-air feeling you want when you’re ready to head out on the road.

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