Wednesday, February 8

A Serious New Hyundai Sub-Brand

Hyundai i30N

We’ve heard that the i30N, part of the new N sub-brand being offered from Hyundai will be the first model offered with new badging and performance items, but it won’t be offered in the US.
What we will have is a performance version of the Veloster after we see the new model of this car as it shows up at the shows this year, which started with the Consumer Electronics Show that has already begun. If this was where the N brand would stop, then this would be a sad and extremely short tale.

It appears the team at Hyundai is now working on a brand new sports car that will be a supercar with this badge on it. That does seem a bit out of place for a brand like Hyundai, that has been known as one of the most affordable models for driving on a daily basis, but with the new members of this team and the different sports cars that are being used for the benchmarking to create this new supercar, it doesn’t need to be any type of surprise when it’s time to have the fun we want on the track.

What is Hyundai Up To

Hyundai has added members to their team that know a lot about performance to help make it possible for us to have even more exciting offerings. The former BMW M Division head, Albert Biermann, is the head of the N sub-brand, the chief designer is Luc Donckerwolke, which was the head of design at Lamborghini and he was part of the design of the Diablo, Murcielago, and Gallardo. In addition to these members of the team, Hyundai has been benchmarking Porsche 911 Turbo models and Lamborghini Huracan models for the development process at the Namyang development center in South Korea.
This team has confirmed that something is in the works but so far this model doesn’t have a name, it doesn’t have a confirmed date, and it doesn’t have a confirmed build yet. The only items that have been confirmed are the fact that this new i30N model could easily be a supercar with two seats and make use of an amazing plug-in hybrid powertrain to give the car added power over the engine that will be found for the ride. It likely won’t be a full EV, but will be a hybrid that offers the high performance we’ve seen in other models.
The lead on the project is the N Division which makes perfect sense and we don’t know yet if this new supercar will be one that will wear the H from Hyundai or be an N branded car only. As you can tell, there aren’t any details to actually discuss when it comes to this car, but the fact that these team members that have the history of performance models for the market will certainly make the journey from idea to concept to reality one that we’ll love to follow and may give us a car we all want to drive.

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