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Alfa Romeo Offers the 4C for 2019

The Model 3 is Finally Here What Does it Offer

There were rumors that the requirement for a backup camera might not allow the Alfa Romeo 4C to continue to be produced and sold in the US. As the model that allowed FCA to bring the brand back to North America where it has grown since the 4C is a car that’s a niche model to be one that sells in low numbers but offers us a look and a style that we love to enjoy on the road. Thankfully, Alfa Romeo has shared information that tells us this car will continue to be made for the 2019 model year.

Plenty of Changes to Make the Alfa Romeo 4C the Car to Drive

This beloved Italian sports car will make it to the 2019 model year and it will carry in the backup camera that’s required for all vehicles in the US. If you want the coupe model, you’re not going to find it as part of the new model year. The 4C Spider will be the only model sold to give you the drive you’re ready to enjoy, and it will bring in a variety of small changes that will give us what’s required and the ability to order the car the way you want.

The new 4C will have the standard backup camera which will be housed within the rearview mirror. The Track Package that was offered in the past will not be available as a package any longer.

The contents of this package will be offered individually. This means you can choose staggered 19-inch rear wheels and 18-inch front wheels, performance shocks, stiffer anti-roll bars, Pirelli P-Zero tires, carbon fiber mirror caps, and a carbon fiber gauge cluster housing. The price for this new version of the 4C Spider will start out at a little more than in the past.

What Does the Future of the 4C Hold?

It appears the Alfa Romeo 4C will remain in production at least until the brand is much closer to bringing the new 8C to the market. This means we can continue to admire and enjoy a sports car that doesn’t make use of some of the features we take for granted every day and have the drive that excited us in the 4C. This sports car is one that has become one of the most engaging models to drive with an extremely lightweight build and the style you’re sure to love.

The new 8C model is expected to bring in a hybrid mid-engine build and a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. The power level we’ve heard about for this new model is around 700 horsepower, but right now we don’t know too much about what it will actually be. The expected arrival of the new 8C is around the 2022 model year which gives us a few more glorious years with the more affordable 4C until this new supercar arrives. The Alfa Romeo 4C will always live in our hearts as the car that brought the brand back to North America.

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