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The Buick Encore Benefits from the New Buick Branding

The Buick Encore Benefits from the New Buick Branding

The Buick brand has been around for a long time and has been one we’ve admired since it began. Unfortunately, the Buick name began to be one that was associated only with older generations and felt like a brand that didn’t have vehicles that appealed to younger shoppers. That has changed in recent years and the Buick name is now able to offer you a mix of the premium qualities you expect along with the youthful exuberance you desire in many of the different models offered including the Buick Encore.

What Does the Buick Encore have for You?

Many of us look to the compact crossover SUVs offered in the market to find the vehicles we want to drive and enjoy. The Buick Encore is among these models and is one of the few premium SUVs that have the right size and the right features for you. This SUV has style, it has comfort, and it has the electronics you’re looking for to make sure you can enjoy an easy drive. Not only will you receive this SUV with the features and qualities you want, but these items can also be yours in the Encore at an extremely reasonable price.

Turn the Encore into an Oasis

Do you notice the road noises around you when you drive? You probably don’t notice them, but they are there. You will notice their absence when you drive the Buick Encore. This SUV is equipped with Quiet Tuning with Active Noise Cancellation to make sure you have the ability to drive and enjoy a cabin that offers you an area that doesn’t allow the road noises to enter the vehicle. Get behind the wheel of this SUV and see what it happens to offer when you take it for a drive.

A Better AWD System

The Buick Encore is equipped with active on-demand AWD to make sure you can have the drive you’re looking for when you choose this small and enjoyable SUV. This vehicle brings you a system that detects the wheel slip and will route power to the wheels that need more power to have the best traction for your drive. When you don’t need the AWD system to work for you, the Encore reverts to FWD to help you maximize your fuel mileage when you take this SUV out and let this be the vehicle that has a great drive for you.

Quality in the Cabin of the Encore

Even if you choose the base model of the Buick Encore, you’re going to be impressed with the fact that you can have the benefits of leather upholstery, a refined driving feeling, and the quiet cabin that turns into an oasis for you. There are 18.8 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats which expands to 48.8 cubic feet when the rear seats are folded down. This is a cabin you’ll admire and enjoy when you want to have a great place to enjoy your drive.

The Encore is an Attractive Choice

There are many areas of the Buick Encore that you can look at and admire. The grill is gorgeous with its handsome wing style and sculpted hood, the wheels are 18-inch alloys that look great, and the size of this SUV makes it an easy one to admire. The stance is one of readiness and the lights are prominent LED-accented projector-beam headlights and LED-infused taillights to give you the style you want. The wide wheels and tires add a bit of an aggressive feeling to this SUV that could be capable of heading off-road if you want to take it there.

Does the Buick Encore Sound Right for You?

If you think the Buick Encore might be the right SUV for you, there’s only one place you need to go. Visit your nearby Buick dealership and take a look at what this compact SUV has to offer you today. This is the vehicle that has the youthful exuberance you want in a compact SUV while giving you the quality driving experience and the premium features you’re looking for in Buick. Take a test drive and see how easy it is for you to make this SUV the right one for you to drive today.

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