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Let Your Old Car Make a Difference

Let Your Old Car Make a Difference

Can the car you no longer drive make a difference in the lives of others? What can you do with a car that no longer works for your drive?

Can you receive a tax credit for donating a car to a local mechanic school? You can make a huge difference in the lives of several students at a special school that can take the cars that are donated and turns them into vehicles that work for others. The Newgate School can use your old car, regardless of the condition it’s in right now.

What Happens to Your Donated Car?

The Newgate School is a special place for old cars to go and have new life breathed into them. This mechanic school is the place where the next generation of auto repair technicians can be trained. One of the most amazing aspects of the Newgate School is that no students pay tuition at all. This means the school relies on the cars that are donated to it for the students to work on and make use of once again. These cars are then sold or donated to others to be reliable forms of transportation.

This Mechanic School Makes a Difference

The administrators and staff of the Newgate School make it easy for students who are part of the lower-income levels to attend a school that will teach them a skill that will give them a great career for the future. Because all students attend this school free of charge, they don’t have to go into debt to gain certifications in auto mechanics. This means a winning experience all around for the students, for the school, and for the cars that are refurbished and resold to be used as modes of transportation once again.

How Is the School Self-Sustainable?

The Newgate School has a number of donors that help keep the school self-sustaining, but the biggest form of income for the school comes from the cars that are sold. Your donated car goes to this mechanic school, the students work on it and fix it up so that it can be a reliable form of transportation, and then the car is sold at a reasonable price. This low price is a win for the person who buys it and since the car was donated, the entire amount paid for the vehicle goes back into the school.

Cars Donated by this Mechanic School

Some cars are donated by the Newgate School. These cars enter the Wheels for Women program to give reliable transportation to single mothers in the area so they can have a vehicle to get themselves and their children around town to enjoy the lives they need. The students of this mechanic school work on the cars and make them useful on the road and the women who receive them are able to have an impressive vehicle to enjoy when they need to go somewhere every day.

Enjoy a Tax Deduction

When you donate a car to this mechanic school, you’ll receive a certificate that allows you to claim the vehicle as a tax deduction for the next year. If your car is donated or sold, the amount you will receive can be increased to the level of the value of the car when it’s donated or sold. Even if your vehicle only ends up being a car that the Newgate School students work on and tear apart, you’ll receive a tax deduction, which will save you money when it’s time to file your taxes next year.

Bring Your Car and Your Title

All you need to do to donate a car to the Newgate School is to bring your title and your vehicle to the administrators. They are experts at processing a donated vehicle that will be used by this mechanic school to be turned into reliable transportation for other drivers in the future Help the next generation of auto repair technicians learn their trade by allowing them to work on your donated vehicle and learn how all the parts work. Your donation will benefit others and it will benefit you by being a tax deduction when it’s time to file at the end of the year.

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