Friday, December 2

The Start of the Reaction

As the development of new technologies continues, the use of these items inside our vehicles can mean we see discounts offered for the models that we drive and enjoy on the road. These discounts can come from the insurance companies that we pay to cover our vehicle and ourselves in case of an accident. Now that we’re moving closer to having autonomous models on the road to be able to drive without a person behind the wheel at all, the interest has grown for us to make sure we use these new systems when on the road.

Tesla has been famous for offering systems that are close to being fully autonomous, so much so they had to pull back a little bit because some consumers were abusing these systems by relying upon them too much. Even so, automotive insurance companies are recognizing the need to have autonomous systems at work that are installed in the Tesla models. They have begun to offer discounts for those drivers that choose to drive a Tesla vehicle and have the autonomous systems working during the drive in order to gather more information and continue the study of these systems.

Where it Starts

The largest automobile insurance company in Britain, Direct Line, is now offering owners a five percent discount to have the features offered inside the Tesla models turned on when they are driving on the roads. This is the second company in the world to offer a discount, but the first large insurance company to do so with the other being Root which is a startup insurance company located in nine states in the US. the purpose of this small discount is to learn about the habits and functions of the self-driving features that are installed in these vehicles.

The purpose of offering this discount, beyond the data that will eventually be collected, is to help drivers begin to transform from being the one completely in control of the vehicle to giving up some of this control to the system that’s in place. We’re heading toward autonomous driving models on the roads and this is part of the equation. In addition to giving up some of this control, it makes sense that the systems in place will be more capable than we are as people to drive safely on the road, especially when the traffic flow is typical and easily anticipated.

This discount for automotive insurance is something that is an incentive that is similar to the discounts given for health insurance for those that maintain a healthy daily life and reach specific fitness goals. With the current trend of automotive insurance rates increasing around the world, receiving a discount to have the assistance of the systems of the vehicle turned on will certainly be an incentive many of us want to take advantage of. You’re paying for these systems when you drive a Tesla, you might as well reap all the benefits that can be exactly what you’re going to enjoy when you get behind the wheel and take a drive.

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