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History of the Most Produced Car in the World

History of the Most Produced Car in the World

The most produced car in the world is one that you can still purchase and enjoy today and it’s been in the market for more than fifty years already.

This car is the Toyota Corolla which has surpassed the other most produced models to offer you a car that can be the right small car for your drive. If you’re looking for a compact sedan to enjoy, the Corolla is one that can be ideal for you.

The First Corolla

The original model of the Toyota Corolla arrived in the automotive market in 1966 after the development began in 1962. Initially, this car was only offered as a two-door car but soon a four-door model that offered a long rear end to make it a station wagon was offered. This car was far more futuristic than the Publica that Toyota had been offering. Originally, this car was powered by a 1.1-liter engine but that was replaced by a 1.2-liter model in the second half of the first generation.

More Comfort Added to the Most Produced Car

When it was time to create the second generation of the Toyota Corolla, the goal was to offer more comfort for passengers. This generation also offered a sporty version called the Corolla Levin which was made for those that wanted a bit more performance out of this small family car. For the time, the Corolla Levin provided an incredible performance on the road.

Added Safety for the Toyota Corolla

The third-generation of the Toyota Corolla gave us a car that offered more safety and stricter adherence to emissions standards. As the most produced car in the world, the Corolla had a lot to live up to and the benefits of a crumple zone and thicker doors gave passengers more protection when this car was out on the road.

Continued Changes to the Most Produced Car in the World

For the next three generations, the Toyota Corolla saw many changes and improvements. The ride became much better, the interior quality was improved and the shape of this car changed several times. The Choice of RWD or FWD was introduced and then the RWD versions were deleted as the Corolla took on various body styles and capabilities. In 1990, the Corolla reached 308,000 models sold in Japan, which was a new record for the brand.

Growth Continues Through The Current Generation

Through generations eight, nine, ten, and eleven, the Corolla saw several new power plants offered, a variety of impressive design elements, and driving features you wanted to see. As these generations came and passed, every Corolla was better than the last. Connectivity features came to be part of the mix along with alert technology and better efficiency numbers in hybrid versions of this car.

Today, we are seeing the twelfth-generation of the Toyota Corolla which is by far the most produced car in the world. The modern version of this car is certainly a far cry from what was offered in 1966. This car is still a compact car that can be great for the drive, but it’s also a car filled with modern comfort and connectivity items for you to enjoy.

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