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The Next Nissan Rogue Sport is the Qashqai in Europe

The Next Nissan Rogue Sport is the Qashqai in Europe

The European arm of the Nissan brand predicted the desire for compact crossovers with the Nissan Qashqai which is the Rogue Sport in America.

Because these two models are married together with only a few differences, we look at the development of the Qashqai to see what we can expect in the Rogue Sport. The third-generation of the European version has been released and it will be the build we see later this year.

Sharp New Style is Welcome

Previously, the Nissan Rogue Sport was built to be a safe bet in our market. With bland style and slow curves, it was hard to get excited about this small SUV. The new model appears to give us sharp new looks with the V-Motion grille, clam-shell LED headlights, and excellent lines to bring us a face we can admire.

Admire the clean lines moving across the sides that lead to the wide taillights that look great in the rear of the vehicle. The lower bumper and wheel arches contrast to the body to give this small crossover a rugged look when you drive. We also see the floating roof design which makes this SUV look impressive and gives you the Nissan style that you’ve been ready to enjoy in a subcompact crossover.

Finishing the Looks of the New Nissan Rogue Sport

We hope to see the new Rogue Sport riding on a set of 20-inch wheels that will look great and give you the drive you’re after. The name stamped into the bodywork will change from Qashqai to Rogue Sport. We hope to have the same eleven exterior colors offered here that are part of the European lineup including the five that give a two-tone look to this SUV.

A Slightly Larger Platform

Every direction of the new Nissan SUV is larger than the previous version. The CMF-C platform gives this SUV nearly an inch in every direction to give you the added roominess you’re looking for. The rear doors open extra wide to a full ninety degrees, which we expect to see in the Rogue Sport when it arrives. The addition of more lightweight materials in the Qashqai gives this SUV the weight loss desired. This model has lost 130 pounds when compared to the previous generation. Modern welding and stamping processes increase the rigidity by 41 percent to make this SUV more engaging and more comfortable to drive. The FWD models have a torsion beam rear suspension while the AWD versions use a multi-link setup.

Look to this SUV for Your Drive

If you’re looking for the right compact crossover SUV to drive every day, the Nissan Rogue Sport could be the one for you. This third-generation version will arrive in Europe as the Qashqai this summer and should make its way to the United States as the Rogue Sport shortly thereafter. Get ready for a new, small, and active SUV for the 2022 model year and let it be the Nissan Rogue Sport.

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