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Get Ready for the All-Electric Cadillac Lyriq

Get Ready for the All-Electric Cadillac Lyriq

The future of many automakers lies in having an electrified lineup. Cadillac has embraced this with the new Lyriq for the 2023 model year.

Amazingly, the Lyriq is a car that only just debuted as a concept a few months ago and it will be ready to enter the market very soon. In fact, this car is going to be nine months ahead of schedule when it arrives.

Very Few Changes from Concept to Production

Often, we see vehicles in concept form that is amazing and could be perfect for our drive but when the bean counters get hold of them everything changes. Thankfully, the Cadillac bean counters only made small changes to the Lyriq. This car shows up with side mirrors, smaller wheels, and a slight design change to the doors when compared to the concept model. Otherwise, we have a car that brings concept driving to the road.

Excellence in the Cadillac Lyriq

The front grille of the Lyriq wears the intricate lighting we saw in the concept model and the sweeping roofline is part of the mix. The L-shaped taillights are included to give you the style you want to see in the rear of this new electric car. When it arrives, there will only be two colors offered: Satin Steel and Stellar Black.

Going Inside for a Great Ride

The two-color offering of the Cadillac Lyriq will continue in the cabin as well. You can have your interior in Sky Cool Gray or Noir. There’s a massive 33-inch LED display across the dashboard to give you the advanced electronics desired. Some physical buttons are still offered, making it easy to understand the controls and get used to the size of this impressive screen.

Active Noise Cancellation Gives You a Quiet Cadillac

The addition of the next generation of active noise cancellation is part of what you will find in the Lyriq. The sounds you want to hear will come to you via the AKG Studios 19-speaker audio system which offers amazing sound quality for your drive. Enjoy the Super Cruise system that helps you drive the way you want when you get behind the wheel of this car that brings the electric ride you’ll admire.

The Platform You Desire is Under the Cadillac Lyriq

This new Cadillac makes use of the GM Ultium battery platform to give you a 100-kWh battery pack that provides 340 horsepower and 325 lb.-ft. of torque for your drive. The single-charge range estimated for this car is 300 miles. Use a DC fast charger and you can add 76 miles of driving to this EV in only 10 minutes.

When it arrives, we will have a Cadillac Lyriq that operates in RWD only. The AWD version will be part of the mix later to potentially give us a V Series version. This car will be offered with preorders later this year and at dealers for the 2023 model year, giving us a luxury electric vehicle that we want to take for a drive.

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