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Mini Cooper Plans for an Electric Option

Mini Cooper Plans for an Electric Option

The Mini Cooper will no longer be offered with a gasoline engine after 2025. The brand plans to offer nothing but electric vehicles by 2030.

By the time we get to 2027, more than half of the brand’s sales are expected to be electric models, which paves the way for the fully-electric offerings of Mini to be all we see by the time the decade turns to the next number, and we see 2030 on our calendars. Let’s look at some of the plans and a few of the models that are already being developed.

You Can have the Silent Convertible Soon

The current version of the Cooper Cabriolet will end production in 2024. After that, when you have a convertible version of this Mini, you’re going to have an electric model. This means you can have a silent convertible car that can nearly sneak up on people until they see the sporty and fun little car that you’re going to drive.

This new electric car will use a new version of the UKL platform, which is used by BMW Group for their FWD vehicles. Mini has also partnered with a Chinese partner called Great Wall to aid in the development of electric vehicles to ensure the models that come from this brand have the necessary range and features for a great drive.

2022 Will Bring the First All-Electric Mini

You don’t have to wait for the Mini Cooper Cabriolet to have an electric car from this brand. Instead, you can choose the Mini GP, which will be offered in China as part of the 2022 model year vehicles that we will see. After the GP arrives, the Countryman will be part of the mix with an all-electric version offered by 2023, giving us a small SUV that can be efficient and use no gasoline at all.

The Right Style Continues for the Cooper

We know the new electric version of the Cooper is in development, and while testing models are out on the roads wearing the monochromatic camouflage that brings more attention to cars than it should, we know the style of this new car will remain consistent with what this brand has offered for many years. This means we’ll see the fun car with small proportions and the bug-eye headlights that are going to continue to be part of the mix.

The new version of the Mini Cooper will arrive alongside the Countryman in 2023. This means we will have at least two options when we see these electric models from Mini. The GP will not be slated for the United States, which is not a surprise for this British automaker. Even so, when the 2023 model year opens up, and we have the Cooper and Countryman to consider, that will be enough to get us started and allow drivers to find the electric power desired in a vehicle that has the classic style we associate with Mini.

GasolineVersions Will Still Be Offered

When the new Cooper and Countryman make it to the market, there will be two versions of each model for you to choose from. You could have a regular version with an internal combustion engine that uses gasoline to give you the fuel needed for the drive. The other way you can have these vehicles is with an electric powertrain that will give you the driving range you’re looking for. If you’re going to be ready for a new Mini at that time, which model will be the right choice for you?

Will There Be Performance Options?

If you’re a fan of the John Cooper Works performance versions of either the Mini Cooper or Countryman, you might wonder if this name will continue to be used and be offered. The good news is that the company is working on a future generation of this model of the car and SUV that we love. Wearing this name means more power, more driving dynamics, and more of the comfortable feeling you want when behind the wheel. The John Cooper Works models are the versions of these two cars that we’re looking forward to the most.

We Already have an Electric Version of the Cooper

Yes, Mini has been giving us electric versions of some of the models for a few years, and the Cooper is one of these cars. The Mini Cooper SE electric is a fun car to drive that also gives you the low price you want, especially when you consider you can still enjoy the $7,500 federal tax credit for driving an EV model. This might not be the next generation of electric Minis that we’ll see next year, but it is an electric car from this brand you can buy now.

Stick to the City with this Mini

When it comes to electric driving, BMW and Mini have been behind some of the other brands in the market. The electric models developed by BMW have never had the driving range desired, and the electric Cooper SE falls along the same thread. This little car is rated to drive for 110 miles on a single charge. That might barely be enough for your daily commute. If you live in a city and only drive a few miles every day, this car could be a great choice for you when you want an electric car that can stand out.

A Few Cool Features of the Current Electric Mini Cooper SE

This electric car has received a refresh for the 2022 model year to give you more of what you want. You’ll find ambient light, a more appealing dashboard style with attractive air vents, an 8.8-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, a heated steering wheel, and satellite radio. The safety of this car has also been increased to give us a precursor to the next generation of this car. Get ready for the Mini brand to be a leader in the electric vehicle market when new models arrive, and we see just how impressive they can be.

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