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Toyota and Lexus are Full of Ideas for the Future

Toyota and Lexus are Full of Ideas for the Future

The electrifying future of Toyota and Lexus is bright, especially with the plan to unleash thirty new EV models by the end of the decade.

These two brands have incredible plans for the future that include vehicles that will span the entire lineup to give us performance, capability, fun, and daily driving experiences that are amazing. While we don’t know much about the power that will be offered, you can bet that Toyota will do this the right way to give us electric models that are ready to drive right from the day they hit the market.

Will an Electric TRD Truck be Right for You?

With both Ford and GMC giving us electric trucks to drive right now, Toyota is poised to do the same. The difference we see right now is that the new electric truck will slot between the midsize and full-size models offered, which is something unique for this type of truck. Right now, the electrified pickup models we see are either over-the-top or they are a version of the trucks we already see. It’s possible Toyota giving us something between will be the best move yet for an EV truck.

A Sporty Lexus Sedan Powered by Electricity

The image we’ve been given for the new electric sedan that will wear the Lexus badge is incredible. If you were looking for a sporty sedan that is much more stylish and dynamic than the Tesla Model S, this will be the car you want to drive. The build we see is one that gives us a car that’s larger than the IS and just might be a fitting replacement for the midsize GS sedan. If Lexus sticks to the prototype build we’ve seen, this will be one of the most amazing cars in the Toyota family.

Even the Cargo Vehicles Will Get an EV Application

A pair of Toyota cargo vans are being offered with electric power and will be part of the commercial fleet before we arrive in the next decade. So far, Toyota is calling these two the Micro Box and Mid Box, but they just might replace some of the cargo vans we currently see offered. Both offer a futuristic design and tons of cargo space with the battery pack in the floor. Will these future models look like something that took a time warp when they arrive? That’s hard to say.

The BZ Group is Coming Soon

Toyota has been working on an electric SUV in a joint venture with Subaru. The new BZ SUV models could be offered in the US, Japan, and Europe before we arrive at the 2023 model year. This will be a way for the Toyota and Lexus teams to gauge how the world will respond to electric vehicles that are made to replace the gasoline models we currently see in the market. As a subcompact crossover SUV, the BZ model will bring a new style and drive under a brand we admire.

Stunning Performance and Style from Lexus

We love the LFA, and Lexus is trying to capture some of that feeling with the new EV supercar that will be part of the electrified future of this brand. With instant acceleration and performance, this new EV brings the promise of rocketing to sixty mph in the under 2.5 seconds while bringing more than 400 miles of driving range to the road. When performance is what you’re looking for from the Lexus brand, this new car will be the one that brings you everything you’ve been after while also giving you an electric drivetrain.

Three Rows of Electric Driving

Toyota and Lexus will not simply make vehicles that are meant for fun; they will give your family an electric SUV to drive. The new BZ5X is ready to give you three rows of seating when the 2024 model year arrives. This SUV will follow the BZ4X to offer at least two models that you could drive if you’re looking for an electrified Toyota. Expect to find dual-motor AWD, plenty of amazing style features, and a drive that you can trust, just like you would with any other Toyota.

Sporty Performance from Toyota

That’s right, Lexus will not be the only one of these brands with a sports car that drives on electricity. Toyota brings us the plan to offer what they are calling a Sports EV concept. This car is an athlete on the road, a sports car on the track, and it brings you the stunning futuristic vibe you want when you’re looking for a car that is made to be fun on any road or track. This model won’t be a version of the GR86 or Supra, but it will be a sports car that you can admire and enjoy whenever you head out for a ride.

The First Lexus EV SUV is Close to a Release Date

Based on the same platform as the Toyota BZ4X, the new Lexus RX450e will arrive for the 2023model year to be a compact luxury crossover SUV for drivers to enjoy and admire every day. The name gives us thoughts of more power than what has already been quoted for the Toyota version, which means we may see a more powerful build and AWD in the early stages of what the RZ450e has to offer.

Going Off-Road Will Happen in a Toyota EV

Another one of the Toyota EV models we will see in the future will be a vehicle that appears to be a small Land Cruiser that’s powered by electricity. The Compact Cruiser EV, as it’s being called, gives us the idea that we are going to head out on the trails for some fun in the wilderness. This new concept is expected to be a tough, rugged, and amazing performance that will offer the accessibility to the outdoors that you’re looking for. Get ready for some amazing trail riding fun when this new SUV arrives.

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