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Get Ready for a Performance Enhanced Porsche 911 GTS for 2022

Get Ready for a Performance Enhanced Porsche 911 GTS for 2022

If you want one of the largest menus of vehicles in the market, the Porsche 911 offers you everything you want including, the GTS model.

The 2022 model year brings us 21 distinct versions of this amazing sports car to give you the performance, fun, and amazing drive that you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel. When we see the GTS, we know that it’s meant to slot between the Carrera and the GT3, but you’ll quickly venture into the upper territory by simply selecting a few of the options on the long list that Porsche provides.

What Makes the GTS Special?

You’ll want to drive the various forms of the 911 that you find at your local Porsche dealer to understand the differences between the various forms. When you get to the GTS trim, you’ll find the list of features that have defined what this model means. This version gives you a stiff sport suspension, dynamic engine mounts, stronger brakes, a sport exhaust system, and more power for the drive. These items allow you to have more fun on any road or track than what you would find in the Carrera models.

Porsche Found More Power; Are You Surprised?

The Porsche 911 GTS uses the same engine as the Carrera S model, which is a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged flat six-cylinder engine. The boost pressure for the GTS has been increased from 16 to 18.6 psi to give you that additional power that you want to enjoy. You’ll find an increase in both power numbers that is more than thirty for each. With the GTS model, you’ll have 473 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque when you get inside this car and take it out for a fast run.

How fast is the run you take? The 911 GTS is capable of reaching sixty mph in only 2.8 seconds, which is lightning quick. If you’re heading to a quarter-mile mark, you’ll reach that spot in 10.9 seconds at a speed of 128 mph. You won’t have to worry about the transmission giving you troubles; the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is quick, decisive, and perfect for any drive you want to take. If you want to shift gears on your own, there is an optional seven-speed manual transmission that you can use for the drive. The manual is great, but you won’t find any possible way to beat the performance of the automatic transmission in this sports car.

And Now We Get Closer to the GT3 Range

The Porsche 911 GTS can be had with a trim-exclusive lightweight package that adds more speed and performance by taking away a few things from this car. You’ll find 55 pounds can be dropped from this car by removing the rear seat. You’ll also find a set of carbon-fiber fixed-back bucket seats that will also reduce the weight of this car. Finally, this package adds thinner glass and reduces the number of sound-deadening materials to drop the weight of the car a little more.

The GTS Makes Steering More Aggressive

There are some driving modes that make it easy for you to drive the 911 GTS on the road, but if you head to the track, you’ll be pleased to have the Sport and Sport Plus modes that can be used for the most fun on a closed circuit. This allows the car to use the rear-axle steering, which is part of what the GTS brings to the table. When you’re working to carve corners and run fast laps, you’ll be extremely pleased to have this steering system in the car you drive.

Some Items Come From The Top of the Food Chain

The Porsche 911 Turbo is considered to be one of the most aggressive and powerful versions of this car that you can drive. If you’re looking to take the GTS out for several road trips, you’ll be glad to have items that add to the comfort of this car. Of course, you might not want to add the lightweight package to the mix when you’re going to be out on the open road, and this car can get loud with the lack of sound-deadening items in this package.

The Turbo model provides a set of rear springs that give this car more stability and give you a car that has almost no body roll at all. That’s not all the Porsche 911GTS borrows from the Turbo trim. You’ll also find the brakes on this car come from the higher trim, giving you the stopping power you need when you’re carving up the mountain pass, enjoying the open road, or pushing this car hard through ha canyon run. These items give you the drive and build you want, but they certainly help to push the price of this car into the GT3 territory.

Will You Make the GT3 the Right Porsche 911 for Your Drive?

When you’re looking for the Porsche 911 that brings you a little bit of everything into one glorious package, the GTS model is the perfect balance for you to have the performance and fun you’re after. This is a car that can be glorious around the track, and it can be upgraded with a package that will take out weight and give you just a little more speed when on a closed circuit, and it can be ideal for driving around on the highway during a road trip to your favorite destination.

Check out what this version of the 911 has for your drive by visiting your nearby Porsche dealership. You’ll want to take test drives in different trims so that you can truly compare the performance offered in each one. When you’re done shopping, you could easily land on the GTS model and know that this sports car is one that will take you where you need to go. Step inside and take this amazing car home to be the car you turn to when it’s time for a day of driving pleasure and performance fun.

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