Wednesday, February 8

Ford Files for “Pet Mode” Patent Similar to Tesla

It’s not always easy to tell what the future holds at your local Ford dealer. We know that Ford is committed to staying on the cutting edge of convenience, infotainment, and safety technology, but that doesn’t mean we know specifics.

Of course, if you look at the kinds of patents Ford files, you can get a glimpse of what may be coming to a Ford dealer new year. Recently, Ford filed a patent for something called “Pet Mode.” It’s unclear precisely what this is. At the same time, other vehicles with similarly sounding features might be the key to understanding what’s on the horizon.

Pet-Friendly Vehicles

There’s no question that many drivers consider their furry friends as part of the family. Some years ago, Subaru tried to capitalize on this with their “Subaru Loves Pets” campaign. Tesla even offers “Dog Mode” to help drivers ensure that pets left in the vehicle wouldn’t get too hot or cold. It also lets people walking by know that the pet is safe and comfortable inside. Ford is likely looking to create something similar, although we can expect it to offer some features that Tesla hasn’t dreamed of just yet.

Pet Mode Explained

While all of the details of Pet Mode aren’t known just yet, the recently released patent provides some insight. It looks like the drivers will be able to use their key fob or a smartphone app to help make vehicles more comfortable for their pets. For example, owners can easily raise or lower the windows, adjust the temperature levels, open the sunroof, tilt/fold seats, or open the liftgate.

There will also be a button to open doors that allows your furry child to jump in and out of the car. If that’s enough of a way to spoil a pet, the system can also play relaxing music for the pet to enjoy.

Some believe that Ford may implement RFID technology to improve this new model further. For example, RFID sensors could communicate with an RFID tag attached to the pet to know an animal in the vehicle. There’s also a chance this system would use infrared sensors or a probabilistic mode to know when a fur baby is inside. It looks like Ford is hoping to start offering this technology with its new line of electric vehicles.

These EVs have large enough batteries to create a climate-controlled cabin for animals inside the car. Drivers can just turn on pet mode when they leave the car and rest assured that the animal will be kept safe and sound. If the batter starts to run low, the driver will get a notification to their phone.

Pet Mode isn’t available yet, but it’s only a matter of time before your local Ford dealer starts showing off this amazing feature. This tech helps Ford truly remain inclusive to families of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Stop by your local Ford dealer to learn more about features and options that make your ride perfect for everyone in your family.

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