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VW ID.Buzz Pickup Truck

VW ID.Buzz Pickup Truck

So far, it’s nothing more than an idea, a notion, but there is a rendering of the VW ID.Buzz pickup truck that could become a reality.

The rendering shard on the Instagram page for chief designer Klaus Zyciora shows us an ID.Buzz EV van with the rear half of the roof missing and a truck bed in its place. Currently, Volkswagen does not build a truck in the United States, and rumors tell us this new truck might be made only for the North American market. We don’t even have the van version yet, and rumors already talk about a truck model.

What is the ID.Buzz?

This new electric van is built to bring back feelings that surface when thinking about the VW Microbus. The ID.Buzz offers extremely similar styling to the historical and classic bus primarily associated with road trips and hippie events in the 1960s and 70s. The model heading to America is a long-wheelbase “People” model, while this van’s shorter versions are scheduled for European sales. These models will be the five-seat “People” model and “Cargo” panel van version that offers a small electric van that fits some of the tight roads in European cities.

The Response to the Rendering was Amazing

When Zyciora presented the truck version of the VW ID.Buzz on his Instagram feed, asked a simple question; “Should we take this thing to the next level?” Responses to his question show that his followers want the new truck version of this VW bus to become a reality. This new model of the classic Microbus drives uses only electricity, and the truck model could be perfect for families heading to the campground for a great weekend getaway or for some time by the lake.

The Rendering Wasn’t a Current Version

It might seem odd, but the concept models of the ID.Buzz has been around for a while. The potential crew cab truck model’s rendering comes from the 2017 concept version. Body-colored roof pillars characterized this model. The look of this little truck shows a bed that appears large enough for some gear while offering an impressive crew cab build to this truck. The area where the bed meets the cab isn’t that of a traditional truck, but it could be more convenient if this truck were to become a reality.

The Inspiration Also had a Truck Version

You might be interested to know that bringing back the Microbus has been one that VW has tossed around since 2001. More than 20 years ago, this concept served as inspiration for the current ID.Buzz. This older concept model also came with a design for a pickup truck, even though the images from that particular year never saw production. This inspirational model gave us a look at what could be a truck for the future and one that delivers the benefits of a truck and van combined for a new generation of hippies.

What if We Don’t See the Truck?

Even if the truck version of the VW ID.Buzz never makes it to market; this impressive van heads to the European market this year and will arrive in the United States for the 2024 model year. The battery pack for the European models uses an 82.0-kWh battery pack. This offers 201 horsepower from the electric motor that powers the rear axle. This model is expected to drive for 250 miles on a single charge, giving drivers in Europe a great van to use for deliveries and as a shuttle.

American models of the ID.Buzz is longer and offers three rows of seats. This van is heading to the North American market without the benefits of a cargo version, which means it can be an excellent model to drive. We expect this new version of the Microbus to offer at least 295 horsepower, which we find in the current ID.4. This new van is likely to be one of the most sought-after models once it arrives. Many drivers have missed this bus and are looking forward to it when it comes once again.

Testing the Adaptability of the MEB Architecture

The new VW ID.Buzz tests the limits of the global architecture for this brand. This platform is called MEB, and it’s the one used in the current ID.4 and will also be part of the new version of the Microbus. This electric architecture shows its adaptability in the three-row electric Microbus heading to the United States in a couple of years. Thankfully, with the electric drivetrain built into the floor, much of the length is available as part of the interior space drivers can enjoy when it’s time to experience an incredible drive.

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