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Honda CR-V vs HR-V: Which of the 2023 Honda SUVs Size Fits You?

It doesn’t get much better than an exceptionally comfortable ride, remarkable handling, and good fuel economy. And it just so happens that both the Honda CR-V and the Honda HR-V offer these amazing attributes in a 2023 Honda SUVs. I mean, come on. What else could you want?

The toughest decision here is choosing which one best fits you!

The Differences Make a Difference in These 2023 Honda SUVs

While these vehicles have a lot of similarities, there are some differences that could potentially mean a lot to you or someone else when considering these cars.

The Honda CR-V was released in 1997 and has been one of the best-selling cars in America for some time. The Honda HR-V was released in 2016, adding to Honda’s fleet of compact SUVs. Since its release, the HR-V has done especially well. Like the CR-V, it’s a reliable and enjoyable vehicle to own, which seems to be the case for most Honda models.

A person’s car should match their personality. They should feel as though the car itself is a reflection of who they are. So, what sets these two cars apart? Let’s find out.


The vehicles may seem to be the same size, they are even both classified as SUVs, but that does not mean they are the same. A car’s size is a major factor when it comes to personal choice.

The dimensions of the CR-V are as follows:

-Ground clearance: 8.2 inches
-Length: 181 inches
-Width: 73 inches
-Height: 66.5 inches
-Wheelbase: 104.7 inches

The dimensions of the HR-V are as follows:

-Ground clearance: 7.3 inches
-Length: 169 inches
-Width: 69.7 inches
-Height: 63.2 inches
-Wheelbase: 102.8 inches

If you read that correctly, you will see that the Honda HR-V is just a bit smaller in all respects. So, in terms of room inside the vehicle, the CR-V is going to have a bit more flexibility. If you are someone who packs heavy, maybe the CR-V is a better option than the HR-V.


Another important aspect is finding out just how these vehicles perform, and how they drive and behave on the road.

Surprisingly, the CR-V and the HR-V get the same exact miles per gallon. They both report 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. In terms of horsepower, which is very important for some people, the Honda CR-V boasts 190 horsepower. The HR-V, on the other hand, gets 138 horsepower.

The CR-V does not have an all-wheel drive but offers a bit of a smoother drive since it has an enhanced cushioned suspension. The HR-V has all-wheel drive but is a bit bumpier on road due to its smaller size.

It should be noted though that since the HR-V is a bit smaller, it would be great for maneuvering around busy city streets and parking in tighter spots.

There are countless other differences between these two vehicles, especially when you take into account safety features and technology features. If you would like to know more, get in touch with a Honda dealer near you.


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