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Best Priced EVs in the Market

Many drivers want to leap into owning an electric vehicle, but they aren’t sure how to find a great deal on an eco-friendly ride. Instead of emptying your retirement account, start by looking at the best-priced EVs available at your local Chevy, Kia, or Hyundai dealer or wherever you prefer to buy cars.

Chevy Bolt EV and EUV


The Chevy Bolt EV and EUV are currently the least expensive electric options on the market. They offer an electric range of 247-259 miles and a starting MSRP of $26,595. Not only is this nameplate one of the least expensive EVs out there, but it was also one of the first fully electric options on the market. It’s fun to drive, offers plenty of space, and has impressive updates for the new model year, like wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, adaptive cruise control, and more.

Hyundai Ioniq and Ioniq 5


While the Hyundai Ioniq has been discontinued from production, used and certified pre-owned models at your local Hyundai dealer are worth exploring. It offers up to 170 miles of driving range, and the smaller battery pack helps keep the cost down. The MSRP for a new 2021 model was $34,250, and it remains an incredible value with tons of features and style elements.

The Ioniq was replaced with the Ioniq 5, another great option from your favorite Hyundai dealer. A brand new model starts at $41,245. This electric SUV provides an estimated range of 220-303 miles. This may not be the cheapest EV on the market, but it’s definitely one of the most powerful.

Hyundai Kona EV


While you’re visiting your local Hyundai dealer, take a look at the Kona EV. This subcompact SUV is a joy to drive, and it is loaded with tons of great tech. You’ll love the new 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment center. The Kona starts at only $35,245 and will give you up to 258 miles of electric driving range.

Kia Niro EV


The Kia Niro comes in a variety of flavors, including a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full EV. The electric version of this hatchback starts with an MSRP of $41,206. This may be a smaller car, but it makes amazing use of its size to offer ample cargo and storage areas. Its electric powertrain provides plenty of pep and can also give you up to 239 miles of electric driving. To make this beast stand out, Kia added a standard Harman Kardon sound system and built-in navigation.

Ford F-150 Lightning


You might expect a fully electric pickup truck to break the bank. Sure, the new Ford Lightning can be equipped with high-dollar gear, but its base model is actually quite affordable. This pickup truck starts at only $41,669 and provides 230 miles of driving range. On top of being a solid EV, the Lightning offers superb towing, tons of space, and incredible tech features. The hardest part is not adding too many extra features that raise the price, even if they are worth every penny.

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