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Buy These 5 Used Luxury Cars to Save a Ton

Find Your Perfect Fit in a Used Luxury Vehicle

You don’t have to spend big bucks in order to get into a quality-built luxury vehicle. Shopping for used luxury models is easily one of the best ways to afford these great cars. Shopping for a used Cadillac, used Mercedes, or used BMW will leave both you and your wallet enjoying the reload ahead. Let’s go over five of the best-used luxury vehicles every driver should consider.

Lincoln Navigator

Upgrade into a used luxury SUV by shopping for pre-owned models of the Lincoln Navigator. This spacious third-row SUV comes with a suite of safety and comfort features. Depending on the model you shop for, you can also enjoy some great tech integration too. Along with its stellar interior, the Navigator boasts one of the most dependable powertrains around.

Cadillac XTS

When it comes to timeless design and classy appeal, Cadillac hits the mark time and time again. A used Cadillac XTS is one of the automaker’s most popular luxury sedans available. Shopping for used Cadillac models allows you to score big savings in what remains to be a well-loved luxury vehicle. This vehicle is defined by its comfortable cabin, powerful engine options, and its reputable safety features. It’s also got great fuel economy, making this a great commuter vehicle for drivers on the go.


BMW is undeniably the mark of luxury for drivers all across the globe. The BMW X3 is one of the more popular SUVs thanks to its impressive handling, performance, and of course, comfort features. Drivers can enjoy several powertrain options in both manual and automatic transmissions, but of course, the stick shift is the best way to experience the power of a BMW. With features like a sport-tuned suspension, you’ll get the ultimate smooth ride even on rough terrain. Inside the cabin, you’ll be met with that luxurious appeal and attention to detail that BMW is known for

Acura TLX

The Acura TLS is one of the most luxurious compact sports sedans in its class. Used models embody that same great luxury appeal at a fraction of the price. Some great features you can enjoy include a high-quality cabin, a sporty aesthetic, a slew of driver and safety assist, and of course, the beautifully designed infotainment system. The latest models will obviously have the latest tech integration, and shopping more recently used Acura TLX trims will allow you to enjoy this sedan in the best way possible.

BMW 2 Series

If you really want to get sporty and enjoy luxury at its finest, the BMW 2-series is the model for you. Available in both coupe and convertible options, you can shop for used models that suit your automotive needs. Available in both automatic and manual transmissions, shopping for the stick shift is easily the best way to enjoy the power of the BMW. Despite this being a smaller-size sedan, performance and handling are exceptional, with a smooth and quiet ride no matter where the road takes you.


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