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What We Think of the Grand Tour’s New Special

What We Think of the Grand Tour’s New Special

The Grand Tour features three zany and fun British chaps that we got to know during their time hosting Top Gear. The three Brits taken their antics on the road.

Amazon launched The Grand Tour a few years ago, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was on a terror pace until the pandemic struck, shutting it down temporarily. This car show not only offers insight, opinion, and information about some of the most interesting cars in the market and in history, but it also moves around the world, which became impossible during the pandemic.

The Return Brought a New Format

Instead of continued weekly or bi-weekly installments of this fantastic car show featuring the three funny Brits, the format changed to a special-style program. Since their return from the pandemic lockdown, this trio has released only a few episodes, but each one has been worth the wait and certainly worth watching. Their latest installment streamed on Amazon Prime Video recently, giving us the next dose of fun car action from these gents. In this latest episode, the trio brings a bit of Americana to Central Europe for a tour of the countryside.

The Americana in Central Europe

Maybe not all three of the cars driven by The Grand Tour trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May came from America, but two of the three certainly did. You might expect true Americana with a Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challenger, but the trio already did this in a previous episode where they took a tour of Detroit. During this special, the cars chosen are more showy and unique than the classic muscle machines from the previous Detroit visit. These three cars are a Chevrolet SSR, a Mitsuoka Le-Seyde, and a Crosley convertible.

The Chevrolet SSR is a hodge-podge of a truck/sports car/convertible stuck together to create something overtly unique. The SSR was powered by a V8 engine in every form and is the perfect companion of Richard Hammond. Clarkson chose the wild and unique Mitsuoka Le-Seyde, which came from the mid-1990s and was based on the Nissan Silva S13, also known as the Nissan 180 SX. Of course, James May’s Crosley convertible is a throwback car built in Ohio from the late 1930s to 1950s, making it a car that sounds like a cruiser that fits May’s personality.

What fun can we expect during this special?

From Clarkson racing a person on horseback to having his face squeezed into a race helmet, his size and humor come through in every episode of The Grand Tour. During the last special, A Scandi Flick, James May crashed his car and injured himself and his car. It’s been reported that during the filming of this most recent installment, Hammond crashed a race car in Poland. Crash photos were shared on social media showing Hammond outside his car unhurt with the car crashed into a tire barrier.

The tour during this installment takes us through some incredibly beautiful Central European countries. The roads lead the trio on a 1,400-mile journey from Poland to Slovenia while traveling through Slovakia and Hungary.

Could The Grand Tour be coming to an end

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Jeremy Clarkson would have no new programs airing on Amazon Prime Video past 2024. During the pandemic, Clarkson brought Amazon Prime to his farm home and aired another series called Clarkson’s Farm. In fact, all three Brits had offshoot shows that aired during the pandemic, giving us various local entertainment from areas they call home.

The fact that Clarkson won’t be on Amazon Prime Video any longer could spell the end of this show, but not necessarily the end for this trio. That only means that fans might have to look to other streaming services to find these three and their funny car-based antics.

Tune in and enjoy the fun

The latest special in The Grand Tour series is called Eurocrash, and it promises to be another great installment in this series. You can place bets on which one of these three pulls a prank on the other, but most likely, it will be Clarkson doing something to Hammond after his crash to toss a little extra salt in the wounds of the already injured. These three gents are always funny, entertaining, full of information, and give us a great view of the world that we don’t normally get to see.

Tune in on Amazon Prime Video and enjoy this latest special of The Grand Tour.

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