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2024 Toyota Grand Highlander: More Than Just a Bigger SUV

2024 Toyota Grand Highlander: More Than Just a Bigger SUV

The new 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander sits atop the midsize SUV market as a roomier and bigger version of the regular Highlander, but there’s much more to it.

When the new Grand Highlander arrives, it brings with it an available Hybrid Max powertrain that delivers 362 horsepower. This will make it the most powerful SUV to ever wear the Highlander name. While impressive, you might want to know about some of the lesser-known items found in this new Toyota SUV.

What are those badges?

This new hybrid SUV wears badges you only expect to find on EVs. The Beyond Zero badges are being added to various hybrid models in the Toyota lineup. Currently, the Toyota Crown sedan and Prius wear these badges, but Grand Highlander models with the Hybrid Max powertrain will also proudly wear them.

The badges aren’t obvious to anyone who doesn’t know what they are. The Beyond Zero badges are simply a silver circle reflecting light. On this Grand Highlander, these badges are situated next to the words “Hybrid Max,” which indicates which powertrain is found under the hood of this Toyota SUV.

The Platinum trim has exclusive upholstery

Toyota has gone “all in” with luxury qualities for most of its new lineup. The Tundra came with the new Capstone trim, adding a new luxury truck to the market. The new Toyota Grand Highlander offers exclusive upholstery in the top-tier Platinum trim. This trim features leather upholstery with faux-suede seat inserts and bronze accents. If you want this look, you’ll have to splurge and buy this top trim, which also comes equipped with the Hybrid Max powertrain. If you want pure comfort in your new Toyota SUV, this is the trim you’ll choose.

Those digital gauges are huge

Many new vehicles are being offered with digital gauge clusters that measure up to 12.3 inches in size. These fully digital gauges are becoming an expected part of new vehicles, and you’ll find them in the new Grand Highlander. The base model XLE trim includes a 7.0-inch display screen, but the Limited and Platinum models provide larger 12.3-inch screens. As expected, these digital gauge clusters are configurable, offering the desired readings to give you the necessary information during your drive.

Toyota remembers real people do the driving

While other automakers are removing all hints of physical controls to program everything into the infotainment system, Toyota continues to provide physical controls for some features in the new Grand Highlander. You’ll see a large 12.3-inch central infotainment touchscreen and physical knobs and buttons for the climate and audio system. This gives you redundancy for the audio, which has some of the controls programmed into the infotainment system.

The Grand Highlander stands apart from the Highlander

The Toyota Highlander has been one of the most popular midsize SUVs for many years, but adding Grand to the name takes things to a new level. Toyota has a habit of creating some vehicles that could easily wear Lexus badges. The Grand Highlander isn’t expected to do this; it shares a platform with the new Lexus TX, but it’s easy to admire the upscale packaging and attractive features that make this SUV more luxurious and comfortable than its namesake. You’ll see a range of soft-touch surfaces and smooth plastics that are easy to admire.

Rear passengers get to be comfortable, too

Often, vehicles are listed with heated and ventilated seats, but that added comfort is limited to the front seats. In the new Toyota Grand Highlander, the rear seats receive heat and ventilation, enabling your passengers to be more comfortable. This means your kids will feel warm and toasty on those cold mornings or cool down faster when it’s warm outside. This big and impressive SUV provides excellent comfort features, making it easy to take the kids to school or head out for a road trip to your favorite spot.

Third-row passengers aren’t left out

Midsize SUVs aren’t known for having comfortable seating and features in the rearmost row. When most automakers offer a three-row SUV in the midsize class, the space is small and cramped, but not in the Grand Highlander. Additionally, these rearmost seats aren’t often equipped with any features, but the third row of this Toyota SUV includes USB-C ports and side bins for two cups and a smartphone. These added elements make a huge difference in this new SUV.

The new Toyota Grand Highlander wears the name well. This bigger Toyota SUV brings qualities and features to ensure every passenger is comfortable while inside the cabin. Will it be the SUV you drive every day?

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