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Best Used SUVs for 2023

The used SUV market is hotter than ever in 2023. With low inventories of new vehicles and high demand for pre-owned options, you’ll want to shop smart for the best deals on a used SUV. The name of the game is finding value and longevity, not to mention finding something that meets your unique personality and budget. From the uber-popular used Toyota RAV4 to Jeep’s adventure-ready Grand Cherokee, read on for an overview of the best used SUVs for 2023.

Used Toyota RAV4

It’s no surprise the used Toyota RAV4 is wildly popular. This comfortable compact SUV delivers ample cargo space, a smooth ride, and standard safety tech. The used Toyota RAV4 checks all the right boxes if you need a practical daily driver. Look for a 2019-2020 model to get the most modern features and styling in this trusted compact SUV. Gain more confidence with a priced-right certified pre-owned option that should last for years.

Honda CR-V

Like the used Toyota RAV4, the CR-V is a smart used SUV choice. Honda’s versatile compact has more interior room than other SUVs and delivers renowned reliability. The CR-V offers great visibility and access, too. Check for the turbo engine for a fun boost of power and a joyous ride. Drivers have trusted Honda for generations, and the CR-V is a great example of why.

Subaru Outback

Subaru’s adventure-ready Outback brings rugged capability to the road. Its standard AWD gives added traction and control in foul weather, making it ready for nearly any kind of terrain. Even base Outback trim has loads of accident avoidance safety tech. Aim for a 2017 or newer model to get the latest creature comforts, but something a little older still has lots of life to give.

Ford Escape

The Escape delivers car-like handling and a cushy ride for an affordable price. This comfortable compact SUV has comparable cargo space and tech to other used SUVs on the market but adds old-fashioned American ingenuity. Look to the 2015-2018 model years for the best value on a pre-owned Escape. The Escape is such a popular new vehicle that you should have no trouble finding a quality pre-owned version.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee crushes the competition for off-road performance. Jeep’s rugged midsize SUV has a premium interior packed with features and an exterior that shows it means business. A used Grand Cherokee offers serious capability and holds its value exceptionally well. Go for a 2016+ model to get modern safety and technology, but any model year is going to deliver hard-hitting off-road power.

Used SUVs Just Make Sense

Instead of emptying your bank account to wait on an available new SUV, explore the various amazing used SUVs on the market. While not all of these rigs are created equally, there are plenty of great models that are worth their weight. Take time to assess your must-have features and budget to pick the right used SUV, whether it’s the in-demand used Toyota RAV4 or an adventure-ready alternative.


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