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Breakdown of the BMW SUV Lineup

Breakdown of the BMW SUV Lineup

BMW makes some of the most compelling and interesting SUVs in the world. The BMW SUV lineup includes nine models with several variations of each.

From the small size of the X1 to the big and powerful XM, the BMW SUV lineup spans several names with the BMW signature athleticism and impressive driving manners. This extensive list of SUVs makes it easy for anyone looking for a useful, fun, and luxurious SUV to find exactly what they want with the BMW brand name.

Here are the nine BMW SUV models in the lineup.


For 2023, BMW redesigned the X1, giving this small SUV a more mature exterior look and more interior refinement than it had in previous models. This new generation includes an updated powertrain and the driving prowess to give owners the desired drive. BMW also added AWD as part of the standard equipment for the X1, making it much more capable on any road. With new components for the front and rear axle, the latest version of the X1 is more agile than before. As you might expect with BMW models, there’s an available M suspension.


The BMW X2 splits the difference between a subcompact crossover and a hot hatch, giving drivers a small and athletic build that fits in the BMW SUV lineup with ease. This SUV now has a new X2 Edition GoldPlay model that adds gold accents to the mix, making it an excellent model to drive. The ride height of the X2 is reduced when the M Sport package is chosen, which also brings an M Sport steering system to the mix. If you want brisk acceleration and fun handling, the X2 is the BMW SUV for you.


Much like the 3-Series sedan, the BMW X3 hits many of the high notes as an impressive compact luxury SUV that makes drivers smile on any road. The X3 has become one of BMW’s best-selling vehicles, offering a strong mix of sporty handling, upscale features, and good practicality. BMW adds hands-free keyless entry, Skyscraper Gray paint, and gesture control to the lineup for the BMW X3. This BMW SUV is due for an upgrade, which could happen in the next couple of years.


When you want the driving benefit of the X3, but desire more style, the BMW X4 is the SUV you’ll want to drive. This model is one of the most attractive models in the BMW SUV lineup, making it an easy choice when looking for a sloped-roof luxury SUV. The passenger and cargo space is a little smaller than what the X3 offers, but the BMW X4 brings style and driving manners you’re sure to admire. For 2023, BMW adds hands-free keyless entry and gesture control to the X4.


The first-ever BMW SUV was the original X5, and it continues to be a stalwart model in the market. This BMW SUV brings excellent qualities and a fantastic build that’s engineered with performance, comfort, and practicality. You’ll find an incredible range of models wearing the BMW X5 name. The Premium package adds wireless device charging, and you’ll find a head-up display which is part of some of the upper trims and packages. The high-tech, versatile, and comfortable build that is the X5 makes driving right on any road.


Once again, we find the even-numbered models in the BMW SUV lineup to be the sportier version of the model before it. The BMW X6 has a cut-roof fastback body that makes it sleek and sporty, ensuring it has the build and drive that makes it more fun and engaging on any road. The BMW X6 has many of the same changes as the X5, giving you a great look and plenty of style for some enjoyable driving on any road.


The largest model in the BMW SUV lineup is the X7. This BMW has been extensively refreshed for 2023 with some excellent upgrades and improvements. The X7 is the three-row luxury SUV that many large families look to when they want to enjoy an excellent drive on any road. The latest version of the X7 includes upgraded styling, new paint colors, larger wheels, and a new transmission with a Sprint function. The X7 has several variations, making it easy to drive and great for families looking for impressive luxury and driving excellence.


The BMW XM is the range-topping and is only the second BMW vehicle made entirely by the M-Division. This impressive high-horsepower hybrid BMW is an incredible machine with luxury features and amazing style that will grab your attention and never let go. The power is excellent, and the Label Red model takes things to a new height with some amazingly good looks. The XM is heavy, but it’s also extremely fast, which makes it one of the best options when you want some real BMW SUV excitement.


The BMW iX was introduced to us during a Super Bowl commercial in gladiator fashion. This new electric SUV hit the market with amazing athleticism and wonderful style, offering us a new, all-electric BMW SUV that delivers impressive driving manners and quality features. When you want a top-end electric SUV, the BMW iX is an easy choice. The Driving Assistance Professional package includes semi-autonomous driving at up to 85 mph, and the Convenience package is now available on the iX xDrive50.

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