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Exclusive Perk: Ford Mustang Dark Horse Owners May Find Assembly Team Note

Exclusive Perk: Ford Mustang Dark Horse Owners May Find Assembly Team Note

If you buy a 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse, you’ll want to check the glovebox. There could be a note left there for you from the assembly team.

Although many companies send out form letters to every customer, this note leaving brings a different approach. One new owner of the Dark Horse model reportedly found a handwritten note signed by two employees from the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, where the Mustang is built. This note thanked and congratulated the new owner for their recent Mustang purchase. Instead of a form letter from the company, it seems more like a genuine gesture of gratitude to find this handwritten note.

Will all Mustangs come with a note?

The manufacturing team at the Flat Rock plant is leaving these notes selectively in some Mustang models. The note is long and handwritten, which means it would be too time-consuming to leave one in every glovebox. It’s unclear whether the team is only putting these notes in Dark Horse models or adding them randomly to various Mustang models. If you purchase a new 2024 Mustang, you might find one of these wonderful notes in the glovebox, thanking you for your purchase of one of the most iconic muscle cars.

What makes the Ford Mustang Dark Horse special?

After more than 60 years and several generations, the new Dark Horse and Dark Horse R provide a fitting end to the V-8-powered Mustang era. It’s unlikely new Mustangs will include large engines, and some will go the same way as the Mustang Mach-E with electrification. For now, we can enjoy the pure joy, sounds, power, and engagement provided by the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse.

Dark Horse Power Reaches GT500 Levels

Under the hood, the Ford Mustang Dark Horse prominently displays the familiar “5.0” badge, reminding drivers this engine means business. The engine is improved with forged connecting rods from the GT500 to give this incredible machine enough power to match the 2007 GT500 and its supercharged 5.4-liter V-8 engine.

The Dark Horse Sounds Like the Mach 1

The sounds coming from the exhaust are extremely similar, which might be eerie to some drivers. The Dark Horse Mustang brings larger anti-roll bars to offer better stability on the track, making it one of the fastest Ford Mustangs ever made. The last version of the Mach 1 was faster than the Chevy Camaro SS in the Lightning Lap, but the new Dark Horse is even faster, and it’s actually on sale.

500 Horsepower Of Natural Power

Although the end is nearing for V-8 pony cars, the Ford Mustang Dark Horse is here now and ready to offer extreme performance levels for anyone looking for 500 horsepower of pure muscle. In order to harness the power of this beast, Ford equips the Dark Horse with:

  • 19-inch wheels
  • Pirelli PZero tires
  • Brembo brakes
  • Large brake calipers
  • Forged connecting rods
  • Strengthened camshafts
  • Four exhaust modes: Normal, Sport, Track, Quiet
  • Automatic rev-matching
  • Torsen limited-slip rear differential

This packaging enables drivers to step on the gas and unleash the power within this Ford Mustang. The exhaust sounds in Track and Sport mode can become deafening, which just might put a big smile across your face. Of course, the pure performance of this incredible car will make most owners giddy with delight.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse Performance Figures

0-60 MPH: 4.1 seconds
Top Speed: 166 mph
Horsepower: 500 hp
Torque: 418 lb-ft
Layout: 5.0-liter V-8 engine

The Dark Horse comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission with rev-matching, ensuring smooth and quick shifts and controlled downshifts while taking on corners or braking. A 10-speed automatic transmission is optional, producing quicker acceleration and lap times, but drivers looking for the most engaging ride will likely keep the standard manual shifter.

The new Ford Mustang Dark Horse is part of the S650 generation, which makes it uniquely interesting. This new generation features Mustangs with revamped interior elements, striking exterior angles, and classic influence with the iconic Tri-bar lighting, which signifies this new Mustang hasn’t lost its heritage.

Three Years Of Development Created the Dark Horse

Every Dark Horse and Dark Horse R Mustang wears a special badge signifying this mean beast and the power within. The Ford Performance team allowed this project to be a true labor of love, taking three years to develop these new high-performance Mustang variants. Adding the Handling Package improves the aerodynamics and downforce while also adding a rear wing with an integrated gurney flap to this incredible car.

If ever there was a fitting ending and tribute to one of the greatest American muscle cars of all time, the Ford Mustang Dark Horse is that car.

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