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Honda CT 125: A Classic Concept for Modern Urban Exploration

Honda CT 125: A Classic Concept for Modern Urban Exploration

When you need to get around town to run errands, go to school, or get to work, the Honda CT 125 could be a great choice for enjoyable urban transportation.

People who live in cities and don’t need to go out on the highway often look for better transportation options than cars, trucks, and SUVs. The Honda CT 125 is a small motorcycle-like vehicle that can carry a person and their gear to class, the grocery store, or the office with ease. Imagine weaving through city traffic on a lightweight, affordable motorbike that gives you the freedom that doesn’t come with public transportation.

Its not a new concept

For many years, small motorbikes have littered foreign roads, mostly on city streets. While not quite as popular in the United States, these little bikes are great for urbanites to enjoy a wonderful ride. This little Honda could be good for a delivery person taking DoorDash orders to customers, which is a great way to monetize the use of this little vehicle. The Trail series of this Honda began back in 1961, which means it could be equipped with trail-rated tires for those times you want to take it to the wilderness. Of course, if you stick to city streets, the CT 125 has everything you need.

What powers this little motorbike?

The Honda CT 125 uses a small 124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine with an overhead cam and two valves. This engine setup enjoys the benefits of fuel injection to give it the right level of power. This power is sent to the rear wheel via a four-speed semi-automatic transmission with an automatic centrifugal clutch. This little engine delivers nearly 10 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque, which is more than enough power to get things going. If you don’t think that’s enough power, this little bike can travel up to 55 mph, which makes it useful on any city street.

Fuel mileage range makes this Honda great in the city

You’ll have a small fuel tank for this little motorbike. This fuel tank only measures 1.4 gallons, but it can give you an average driving range of 112 miles. That’s an incredible figure and means you probably don’t need to refill the tank often unless you use this little Honda for food deliveries around town. If this motorbike is only used for personal transportation, you won’t refill it often at all, and when you do, it’s extremely affordable, costing less than $10 per fill-up even in the most expensive areas.

Novice riders can enjoy the CT 125

The automatic clutch makes it much easier for novice riders to learn how to ride this little bike and easily enjoy a great way to get where they need to go. This motorbike has four gears, with neutral at the bottom and then four shifts up to get to the final gear setting. The progress is smooth on the Honda CT 125 when you back off the throttle and change gears. After a few minutes on this little Honda motorbike, most riders have it figured out.

How does the ride feel?

When you get on the CT 125, you’ll enjoy smooth riding around town with quick acceleration from a stop, which makes it fun to take off and enjoy a ride. Turning is easy and smooth, with roundabouts presenting little to no challenge for this motorbike. The braking and control systems ensure easy stopping and the right level of continued control on all city streets. Honda delivers motorcycle-like driving in a small motorbike that makes your ride feel right.

How much weight can this Honda carry?

The stated carrying capacity of US models of the Honda CT 125 is 265 pounds. This means the rider shouldn’t weigh more than this, as it could harm the motorbike. There’s a storage rack for your gear, which is a great place to secure your groceries when you’ve stopped at the store. This rack is rated for 44 pounds of stuff, which makes it useful whether you deliver food orders to customers around town or take your work materials with you on this little vehicle. Either way, the CT 125 has the capacity to carry what you want to wherever you need to go.

The Honda CT 125 is a smart little motorbike with the capability necessary to get around town with ease. Unlike the limits of a scooter, this vehicle can travel at all city speeds, which means you won’t impede traffic during your time on the road. Will you ride this affordable and useful vehicle and let it be the right choice for your urban lifestyle?

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