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6 Real-World Uses For the GMC Sierra 1500’s MultiPro Tailgate

Beyond having the largest cargo beds available on any pickup truck, the GMC Sierra 1500 is known for its innovative tailgate. As the world’s first MultiPro Tailgate, this addition provides tons of real-world uses that you can enjoy.

The MultiPro Tailgate is essentially two tailgates. The primary gate is hinged to your truck’s bed like any conventional gates. The secondary gate is hinged to the primary gate, which allows for a variety of configurations and uses.

Here are six ways you can put your new MultiPro Tailgate to use when you drive a GMC Sierra 1500:

1. Conventional Primary Gate

The MultiPro gate can open and close like any other conventional tailgate. Simply press a release button on the tailgate to open and close your gate just like you’d expect. You also have the option of pushing a button on your instrument panel or key fob to automatically open your tailgate with ease.

Thanks to the torsional spring and damper, the primary gate and be lowered and raised with almost no effort.

2. Outer Gate Load Stop

Sometimes you need to haul longer items in your GMC Sierra 1500: a kayak, ladder, or a couple of sheets of plywood, for example. With other tailgates, you would lower the primary gate and tie down your load, so it doesn’t slide off of the bed.

With the MultiPro Tailgate, you can raise the secondary gate to make a stop. This created a vertical barrier that keeps longer items snug in the bed where they belong.

3. Greater Access To The Bed

We’ve all been there. You load up a heavy or bulky object into the truck only to have to struggle to get access to it when it’s unloading time. This often results in making someone jump up into the bed to push the cargo over the bed so someone on the ground can reach it.

When you lower both the primary and secondary gates, you can stand even closer to the pickup box floor. That means you can reach right into the back of the bed and make unloading a breeze.

4. Step Up With Ease

The GMC Sierra 1500 already comes with a corner step that helps get in and out of the bed, but the MultiPro tailgate takes this access to a new level. When you lower and release the primary and secondary gates, the inner panel of the inner gate and be lowered to create a 48’ wide step that can hold up to 375 pounds.

When you use this step and the fold-down hand grab, hopping in the back of the truck will take on a completely new meaning.

5. Inner Gate Load Stop

Drivers already love the Sierra 1500’s two-tier loading design that allows you to separate items within the bed. Now you can add additional loading flexibility.

When you lower the inner gate panel and unfold the inside panel, you get a vertical load stop. Now it’s even more straightforward to separate different items within your truck’s bed.

6. Work Surface

There are countless times that you need a little extra space. Whether you’re tailgating the game or prepping your tackle box, the MultiPro Tailgate can quickly turn into a work surface at a comfortable height.

What makes this workspace even more prudent is the available 12-v outlet. Opt for the outdoor audio system, and you can blast the music that keeps you moving.

To learn more about the all-new MultiPro Tailgate, stop by your local GMC dealer to see it in action.

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