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The Toyota BZ4X is Heading Our Way and it’s Only the Beginning

The Toyota BZ4X is Heading Our Way and it’s Only the Beginning

The new “Beyond Zero” sub-brand of Toyota is ready to kick off with the first offering being the new Toyota BZ4X.

This new model is the first in the line of at least fifteen different battery-powered EV models that will make it to the market by 2025. So far, we know this new model as a concept, but it could easily be what you find at dealerships soon.

This New Toyota Should Be Near the Top of the Line

We knowthat Toyota has registered the BZ name for numbers one through five in Europe. This information hints that the BZ4X will be positioned near the top of the line with regards to size in the EV mixture from Toyota. The size of this new concept EV is prettyclose to what we see in the RAV4, which makes it a compact crossover.

Sportier Design than its Size Mate

The new BZ4X may be about the same size as the RAV4, but it takes a completely different style approach. Built on the e-TNGA platform being developed by Toyota and Subaru together, this new crossover brings a modern appearance to the market. We see an SUV with a lower roofline, a more steeply raked rear area, and an overall sportier appearance than what we find in the RAV4.

The Rugged Looks of the Toyota BZ4X

This new EV SUV isn’t being made to only be tamed by the lines on the road. The black plastic cladding around the wheel arches gives us a look that’s much more rugged than most othersin this class. One difference in the BZ4X and RAV4 in this area is the glossy black look ofthis cladding for the BZ4X compared to the matte look of the RAV4.

The Interior Looks Ready for Drivers

Many times, concept models don’t have a practical approach to them. That’s not the case with the Toyota BZ4X. This SUV has a redesigned steering wheel with buttons that are close to the center, a digital instrument cluster, and comfortable seats that can be right for you. The rear seat area offers two USB-C ports and heating controls to give your passengers the comfort they desire when in this area.

The center of the dashboard is dominated by a large landscape-oriented touchscreen that is perfect for the connectivity you’re looking for. The steer-by-wire system makes it easy to have more room inthe front of this SUV to store the small items you want to take with you when you drive. This is a cabin you could easily see in one of the current Toyota models when you take it out on the road.

We don’t know anything about the power, range, and price of this EV SUV just yet. This model is expected to be part of the production line in the middle of 2022, which means we’ll likely receive this information soon. Does the new Toyota BZ4X sound like an SUV that could be right for you?

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