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10 Helpful Products From WeatherTech

10 Helpful Products From WeatherTech

The WeatherTech name is synonymous with rugged, all-weather toughness in products that we love to use in our vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for a few items to add to your ride or you want to give some gifts and show your family and friends that you care, the perfect gifts can come from this brand. You’ll find a wide variety of excellent items at different price points to fit every part of your budget and make sure you can have and give the experience desired when it’s time for the holidays or when you want to outfit your car with the right gear.

The Right Place to Put Your Phone

The CupFone Universal Cup Holder is the best way to securely keep your smartphone upright and where you need it so that you can drive hands-free and still see your navigation screen or stay connected with your family and friends. This impressive item comes with several base cups to ensure you have a secure fit when you put it in the cupholder that will be keeping your phone right where you want it to be. Enjoy the security and availability of your phone with this impressive item.

Keep your Carpets Covered and Protected

The WeatherTech FloorLiner and FloorLiner HP models are made to give you an attractive, durable, and enjoyable way to cover the carpets in your vehicle and protect them from damage. You don’t want to worry that you’re going to damage your carpeted areas, and with these items, you can have liners that are laser-measured to fit your vehicle perfectly. These are excellent as a gift to yourself or when you simply want to keep your car free of debris.

Reach Everything You Need To

Do you use the roof rack of your vehicle? Is it difficult to reach up there and get items down that you need when you’re out on the trails? The BumpStep is a secure, easy way to reach items on top of your vehicle that you need to get to. This item attaches to your trailer hitch, giving you a step up in the rear where you can reach the items on top of your roof rack.

If You’re Going to Buy the BumpStep, You Should Also Buy…

When using a WeatherTech item to give you the reach you need on top of your roof rack, you should also have a similar item keeping your stuff secure. The RackSack Rooftop CargoCarrier is the perfect item for your gear. This rooftop bag is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and heavy-duty, making it the perfect cargo carrier for the top of your vehicle. That added roof storage space is now useful and easy for you to enjoy whenever you head out on the road.

Keep Your Seats Protected When You Get Dirty

Are there times when you’re out in the woods and get dirty during your hiking adventures? Would you like to protect your seats when you head to the beach and are covered in sand and seawater? The right item is the Seat Protectors made by our favorite brand. These covers are water-repellent and protect against scratches and spills to keep your seats clean and free of dirt and sand when you hop in after some fun in the outdoors.

Keep the Weather Away from Your Windows

Do you like to drive with the windows open a little but can’t when the weather hits? The WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors are custom fit to keep the fresh air coming in while pushing the weather away from your windows. You can open the windows a little bit and enjoy the feeling you love while adding a bit of style to the vehicle you love to drive. You’ll be pleased with the aerodynamic styling that makes your vehicle appear to be a bit sportier than it did before.

Get Rid of the Mess in Your Cupholders

Do your cupholders get gross and messy because of the food and drinks you enjoy when you drive? The solution to this mess is a set of removable Car Coasters that will keep the mess out of your cupholders. These items come as a set of four, and they give you a great way to protect your cupholders from the mess. All you have to do is pull them out of your cupholder when you clean your car and wash them off. This makes it easy for you to avoid the mess that food and drinks can make.

The Bed of Your Truck Could Use Protection

If you don’t want to put a spray-in bedliner in your vehicle, but you want to keep your bed protected, you’ll love the WeatherTech TechLiner system, which is a custom-fit bed and tailgate liner that protects and shields the bed of your truck against scratches, dents, paint damage, and rust. You want to use your truck for the tough and rugged stuff you need to do, and this liner can make it easy to enjoy your truck and how it can be used every day.

And the Right Protection for Your Car or SUV…

Even if you don’t own a truck, you can protect the rear of your vehicle with an item from this brand. The FloorLiners are offered and perfectly measured to fit in the trunk of your car or the rear of your van or SUV. These liners are ideal for keeping snow, mud, and messes from getting to the carpeted areas of your vehicle. Buy this for yourself or as a gift and keep your vehicle cleaner.

Keep Your Stuff Clean and Protected

You depend on the WeatherTech items to keep your vehicle protected and cleaner, but you need to keep your items clean and protected as well. Thankfully, this brand sells TechCare Floor Liner and Floor Mat Cleaner/Protector that helps you keep your stuff protected. You want your items to last a long time and work for as long as you own your vehicle. Use the right cleaner and protect your WeatherTech items.

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